Warren Stevens (1919-2012)


Actor Warren Stevens, best known for his role in 1956’s Forbidden Planet, passed away Tuesday (March 27th) at the age of 92. Stevens played Colonel Chaffey in Season Four’s “The Gun,” the man whose missing gun nearly sent Radar to the stockade. He began his acting career in the late 1940s and worked continually for almost six decades (his last credited role at the Internet Movie Database is for a 2007 film called Carts). In addition to M*A*S*H, Stevens made guest appearances on dozens of shows, including The Twilight Zone, Hawaiian Eye, Star Trek, Bonanza, Ironside, Police Woman and ER. He co-starred in Tales of the 77th Bengal Lancers from 1956-1957; from 1969-1970 he provided the voice of unseen studio chief John Bracken on Bracken’s World (when the series returned for a second season, Stevens was replaced by Leslie Nielsen, his co-star from Forbidden Planet and also a M*A*S*H guest star).

Warren Stevens in The Gun

Warren Stevens in “The Gun”

Obituaries can be found at CBS News and Variety (registration may be required).

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  1. Great actor! My favorite was a twilight Zone episode. He played a part of a man who found shoes on a murdered person and turned into that person when he put the dead persons shoes on. RIP!

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