TV Land, Me-TV Schedule Harry Morgan Tributes


Both TV Land and Me-TV have announced plans to remember Harry Morgan by scheduling special tributes featuring some of the very best M*A*S*H featuring the late actor, either as General Steele (the character he played in “The General Flipped at Dawn“) or Colonel Potter. TV Land made its announcement on Twitter while Me-TV released a press release. The Me-TV tribute will involve two episodes airing from 7-8PM Eastern, starting this evening with “The General Flipped at Dawn” and “Change of Command” (I’m a little late posting this) and continuing through Friday, December 16th (excluding Saturday, December 10th).

As for TV Land, based on the cable channel’s online schedule, the tribute episodes actually begin tomorrow at 6:12PM with “The General Flipped at Dawn” following by “Welcome to Korea, Part 1” at 6:52PM and “Welcome to Korea, Part 2” at 7:24PM (the episode originally aired as a one-hour special). On Saturday, the tribute continues with same three episodes will air beginning at 2:20PM, followed by another five episodes from 4:06PM to 7PM. And on Sunday, “Change of Command” kicks of the remainder of the tribute at 2:20PM. It runs through 7PM, with additional episodes airing from 7-8:30PM that do not appear to be part of the tribute.

Perhaps the single best performance given by Harry Morgan as Colonel Potter — “Old Soldiers” from Season Eight — will air as part of the Me-TV tribute on Wednesday, December 14th at 7PM. To find out if you get Me-TV (a specialty network found primarily on digital subchannels) in your area, click here and type in your zip code. If you don’t get Me-TV or TV Land, break out your DVDs and have your own marathon, uncut and commercial free.

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  1. I’ve had a lot of running around to do today (gotta love Christmas tree hunting, lol), that I’m having my own personal tribute to Harry Morgan marathon tomorrow evening, by breaking out what DVDs I have, and watching in this order…

    6:00pm – “The General Flipped at Dawn” (3×01)
    6:30pm – “Change of Command” (4×03)
    7:00pm – “Dear Mildred” (4×08)
    7:30pm – “Mail Call, Again” (4×15)
    8:00pm – “The Price of Tomato Juice” (4×16)
    8:30pm – “The Colonel’s Horse” (5×12)
    9:00pm – “Potter’s Retirement” (6×23)
    9:30pm – “Lil” (7×03)
    10:00pm – “The Price” (7×18)
    10:30pm – “The Young and Restless” (7×19)
    11:00pm – Dragnet (1987 movie)

  2. If TV Land really wanted to make this a truly fitting tribute, they’d include the mid-first season of “AfterMASH” that ended with a nicely touching scene where Potter entered his V.A. hospital office and discovered that his colleagues had decorated it with the just-arrived stuff from Potter’s 4077th office.

    Heck … TV Land also oughta show the opening episode of “AfterMASH” (which Harry carried pretty well, and even had the opening line) … and samplings of the other classic TV series on which he starred, like “Pete & Gladys” and “Blacke’s Magic.”

  3. TV Land is unwatchable during the day. They stretch their showings from the usual 30 minutes to varying times up to 40 minutes where they even make some episode edits of their own. Just so they can show commercials.

    Anyway it’s a shame Hallmark doesn’t show MASH anymore, I’m sure they would have had a hell of a tribute.

  4. This last showing of the Mash series was so evocative of my youth (not the Korean war, but my young adulthood) I laughed through out the entire series, fell in love with Alan Alda all over again, and in general, was tremendously amused by the incredible writing and the sensitive story lines. Please show the whole thing again, and I promise that I will be glued to the tube for the entire run.

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