Gary Burghoff Remembers Harry Morgan


Ken Levine has posted a short statement from Gary Burghoff in which he remembers the late Harry Morgan. Here’s a brief excerpt:

You had to know Harry to appreciate his abundant humor, warmth, kindness, modesty and his special kind of quiet strength. There was not an insecure bone in him. He was a “straight shooter” but also non-judgmental, understanding and tolerant.

Read the entire statement at Ken’s blog. Mike Farrell released a statement to the press yesterday and comments from Jamie Farr were included in an NPR story published on Wednesday.

2 Replies to “Gary Burghoff Remembers Harry Morgan”

  1. I remember from one of the reunion specials Gary saying that Harry Morgan is “one of the ten funniest people in show business”, before recollecting on when he came on the set as General Steele, and how difficult it was for him and McLean to get through filming, because they never expected Harry to be so hilarious (there was even a blooper reel from where Gary and Mac kept breaking up during the scene where Steele asks Radar wherehe’s from, but before Radar could finish his answer, Steele snaps with “NO TALKING IN RANK!”).

  2. MASH was and is the best TV show.

    I would have liked to see Canadian soldiers portrayed in MASH,

    Canadians fought side by side with the Americans, Received a Presidential Citation/

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