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Ryan is hopeful that someone out there can identify this actress who appeared as a nurse on M*A*S*H, always in the background with no speaking parts that he’s aware of. According to Ryan, he has noticed her in a number of episodes from the later part of the series.

Can You Identify This Actress?

Can You Identify This Actress?

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  1. Someone asked about her a while back at Best Care Anywhere (I think it may have even been the same person).

    All we know is that in “Our Finest Hour” (7×04-05), that Hawkeye refers to the character as Lori, so, that much we DO know.

  2. Just a guess. Is it possible that this is Jeanne Schulherr, who also appeared as Frank’s wife in his wedding video? I understand that she appeared in other episodes as “unnamed nurse”.

  3. That is Jeanne Schulherr who plays a nurse in O.R. on two or three separate occasions and also Frank’s wife. Frank’s wife is portrayed as ugly in Frank’s home movies, but the actress isn’t ugly. If you remember Frank’s home movies, his wife was angry at her own wedding, very angry, bossed Frank around and even yelled at him to get in the car after the wedding.

  4. The actress in the yellow/white striped shirt in the above picture is Laurie Bates. She is also plays the nurse that Hawkeye tells to get a temperature in one of the Interview episodes.

  5. My most favorite of MASH has to be when Col. Flag makes a vist!
    BUT MOST of all it’s one simple thing
    Trapper John and Hawkeye episodes WHICH include HENRY BLAKE! This was the best, the prime, this is what started IT ALL!!!!!!!.

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