Name That Episode 138


The Name That Episode game is played Tuesdays and Thursdays. Players can participate as often as they like. An archive of past rounds can be found here. Today’s image can be found below. Can you name the episode it’s from? Feel free to post guesses in the comments section. As always, the winner gets bragging rights.

And the Winner Is: Eric, who correctly identified “The Winchester Tapes.”

Name That Episode

Name That Episode

19 Replies to “Name That Episode 138”

  1. Ah, this is a toughie. Judging by BJ’s hair length, I’d say this is a late season 5 or early-to-mid season 6 episode. Wild guess…”The Merchant of Korea”?

    Either that or M*A*S*H Olympics, but my guess is “Merchant of Korea”

  2. And, with this picture, we find a “blooper” of sorts. Unless of course, BJ is reading an old magazine that someone brought with them. Yank magazine was only printed during World War II. Its last issue was published in 1945.

    From the internet…

    The magazine was written by enlisted rank soldiers only and was made available to the soldiers, sailors, and airmen serving overseas. It was published at facilities around the world—British, Mediterranean, Continental, and Western Pacific—for a total of 21 editions in 17 countries. Yank was the most widely read magazine in the history of the U.S. military, achieving a worldwide circulation of more than 2.6 million. Each issue was priced from five cents to 10 cents because it was felt that if soldiers paid, they would have a higher regard for the publication. Each issue was edited in New York City and then shipped for printing around the world where staff editors added local stories. The last issue was published in December 1945.

    As an aside, this magazine featured on its cover Ms. Norma Jean Dougherty – who was married to a service man, and this was the launching pad for her to become Marilyn Monroe.

  3. That last paragraph read funny.

    Not necessarily the one that BJ is holding, but Yank Magazine, the publication, introduced Marilyn Monroe.

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