Music of M*A*S*H – “War Co-Respondent”

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I’ve finally added a second episode to my Music of M*A*S*H feature. I’ve broken down the music included in the Season Eight episode “War Co-Respondent,” which featured four songs in addition to a variety of variations of “Suicide of Painless.” Two of those songs were performed by members of the cast. This was the episode in which Hawkeye rode into the post-op ward on a bicycle while singing “Daisy Bell,” perhaps best known as the song Hal 9000 sang in 2001: a space odyssey as it was shut down.

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  1. RJ, I love reading hese break downs, and identification of the music. I recognize much of it, but it is great to get the low down on the timing, the songs, and the worrisome copywright laws. Thanks for your hard work!

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