All Three Versions of AfterMASH Opening Credits

Despite its relatively short run, AfterMASH went through three different opening credit sequences. Here they are:

The first version was used throughout the 1983-1984 season:

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When the show returned for its second season on September 23rd, 1984, a new, jazzier theme song and a reworked version of the opening credits were introduced:

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Beginning with the October 9th, 1984, the opening credits were changed again, although the new theme song was retained:

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You can learn more about AfterMASH by reading my in-depth article about the series, which you can find here.


  • Guest says:

    Gosh, Rosalind Chao looks really beautiful in “clothes made for people”, lol.

  • David Goehner says:

    Actually, there were four — and I think even five — different opening credit sequences. One of the missing ones from this was a variation of the first season version used for the last handful of episodes from the first year, in which the “Jay O. Sanders” name was removed after his character was (unfortunately) excised from the series. And I’m pretty sure there was a variation of the “artwork” sequence from the 2nd season — used maybe just once or twice — which featured an image of Peter Michael Goetz’s character after his “Wally Wainright” was got introduced a couple of episodes into the dismal 2nd season. (The one shown here is from the first couple of episodes from the 2nd season.) They never should’ve tinkered with the first season sequence and theme song …. or, for that matter, adopted any of the changes that made the second season a near-total mess.

  • David Goehner says:

    Oops, made a mistake in my previous comment. The first season clip seen here IS from the later portion of the first year. The version NOT seen here is the one that DID have the “Jay O. Sanders” credit, which was shown over two images of boxers. (One of those images — although a little truncated — is still included in the sequence seen here.)

    Also forgot to mention: I think the image of Wally Wainwright from the 2nd season credits had him holding a suggestion box.

    (Let’s get this series out on DVD so I don’t have to be the one pointing out minutiae like this all the time!)

  • RJ says:

    David is correct, if you include minor changes there were more than three versions of the opening credits. The first three broadcasts included credits for Harry Morgan, Jamie Farr, William Christopher, Rosalind Chao, John Chappell, Barbara Townsend and Brandis Kemp. This is Version One (A).

    Beginning with the October 17th, 1983 broadcast Sanders was given a credit between John Chappell and Barbara Townsend. This is Version One (B) and was used for 12 episodes.

    Starting with the January 23rd, 1984 broadcast, Sanders was removed from the opening credits and Version One (A) was brought back. It was used throughout the remainder of the first season.

    When Season Two premiered on September 23rd, 1984 an entirely new version of the opening credits, with a new theme song, was introduced, featuring sketches of the cast. The credited cast was now Harry Morgan, Jamie Farr, William Christopher, Rosalind Chao, David Ackroyd, Anne Pitoniak, Peter Michael Goetz and Brandis Kemp. For some reason, Goetz was not given his own sketch and his credit was placed over a soldier in a wheelchair holding a basketball. This is Version Two (A). It was used again for the September 25th broadcast. For the October 2nd broadcast, Goetz was given his own sketch. This is Version Two (B).

    Another new opening sequence, using scenes from the series, was introduced with the October 9th broadcast. Interestingly, Goetz’s credit was now shown prior to Anne Pitoniak. This is Version Three. As far as I know, it was used for the remainder of the series.

    So, there were a total of five opening credit sequences. Version One, with and without a credit for Jay O. Sanders, Version Two with and without a sketch for Peter Michael Goetz and Version Three.

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