Radar Has a Sister?


I haven’t written about bloopers (continuity errors, like Hawkeye saying he had a sister at one point) in the past, instead focusing on goofs (mistakes made during production, such as a character wearing shoes in a scene and then suddenly not wearing any). But while watching part of There Is Nothing Like A Nurse I noticed the following exchange between Radar and Margaret:

Radar: “Did I ever tell you how much you look like my sister?”
Margaret: “No.”
Radar: “Except you’re a lot older.”
Margaret: “That would be your younger sister?”
Radar: “No. She’s 37.”
Margaret: “Don’t slam the door.”

Radar also mentioned a sister in “The Gun,” while unlocking the gun bin in the supply tent:

Frank: “You think you got enough keys there, Corporal?”
Radar: “Oh, I need ’em all, sir. This one’s to Colonel Potter’s office. This is oats for his horse. Oh, this one’s to my bike in Iowa. Every time my sister borrows it, the chain slips.”

I don’t recall any other references to Radar having a sister. He talked about a brother at least twice, or perhaps two different brothers each on one occasion. Otherwise, Radar was said to be an only child. So these references to siblings could be considered bloopers, mistakes by writers intent on crafting the best stories.

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  1. Radar mentions says his teddy bear was given to him by an older brother, then later comments that he bets if his little brother had live, he would’ve grown up to be both Hawkeye and B.J.

  2. I too noticed he mentioned a brother worked as bagger in grocery store who was 4fd by army but if true then he wouldn’t have to go home when uncle ed died

  3. In season four episode sixteen The price of tomato juice radar says to Hawkeye and BJ that if his younger brother had lived he would have grown up to be both of them.

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