AfterMASH Bumper, Version 2

Here’s another “bumper” for AfterMASH. Last year I posted another version, one that was used during the first half of the hour-long premiere in September 1983. The only real difference between this version and the earlier bumper is the inclusion of the show’s title.

Notice, however, that the still image–a nurse helping a wounded veteran walk down a path–has been flipped. In the first version the two are on the left side but in this second version they are on the right. Strange.

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Bumpers were used by the networks to remind viewers that after the commercial break their show would be coming back. I’m not quite sure when this version was first used. I do know it appeared as early as the sixth episode (“Night Shift”), which was broadcast on October 24th, 1983.


  • PinkPagoda says:

    It looks like maybe the walking couple “fit” better under the “After”, due to the way the “After MASH” is stacked. They are not blocked by the name of the show, which they would be if on the other side of the screen.

  • RJ says:

    That’s a pretty good explanation for why the image was flipped and one I hadn’t considered.

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