MASH The Movie Had Its Network Premiere 35 Years Ago


This slipped past me but Aaron Handy III sent me an e-mail reminding me that it was 35 years ago last week that the feature film version of MASH had its network broadcast premiere. CBS aired the movie from 9-11PM as part of its CBS Friday Night Movie (it followed the series premiere of Planet of the Apes). The third season of M*A*S*H had premiered three days earlier on Tuesday, September 10th.

The broadcast ranked 18th for the week (for the record, M*A*S*H was 11th and Planet of the Apes 37th) [1]. CBS aired the movie again on Friday, March 5th, 1976. Here’s part of a full-page ad CBS ran in The New York Times promoting its Friday line-up:

New York Times Ad for MASH

New York Times Ad for MASH

Anyone remember watching this first network broadcast of the movie that spawned the series?

“Rhoda Debut Tops National Nielsens.” Los Angeles Times. 19 Sep. 1974: H22.

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  1. Hmm…apparently my hometown’s CBS station, WWL-TV, bumped that night’s broadcast premiere of the 1970 MASH movie in favor of a local airing of Journey To The Far Side Of The Sun (as part of “Hollywood Premiere”). They rescheduled it across the board at 11:30PM. Perhaps they felt it unsuitable for family hour? :/

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