M*A*S*H Reference on NBC’s Mercy

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During last night’s series premiere of NBC’s new drama Mercy there was a reference to M*A*S*H. Nurse Veronica Callahan (played by Taylor Schilling) has returned from Iraq and is working at a hospital. In one scene, she is talking with her brother Mike (played by Diego Klattenhoff) about her love life and the following exchange takes place:

Mike: “You told me about that guy in Iraq, remember, at mom’s birthday party?”
Veronica: “Shut up! I only told you that because we were wasted and I didn’t think you were going to remember.”
Mike: “Well, I do remember.”
Veronica: “Well shut up about it, okay? He cheated first. Besides, I was at war. I was fighting for my country. I could have died. Haven’t you ever seen M*A*S*H?”

If you’re in the United States you should be able to watch the following clip:

I have updated M*A*S*H References on Television with this reference.

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