“The Smell of Music” Goof


This goof is from “The Smell of Music,” originally broadcast January 3rd, 1977. A wounded soldier named Saunders wants to take his own life and sneaks off to the O.R. from post-op where Potter finds him trying to breathe anesthesia in a suicide attempt. As he is inhaling the gas, you can see his bare feet as he sits and struggles with Potter over the mask.

The Smell of Music

“The Smell of Music”

As the scene ends, Potter and Saunders are walking out of the O.R. and you can see the patient now has on house slippers.

The Smell of Music

“The Smell of Music”

Thanks to EC for this goof.

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  1. There’s another goof in the episode where Margaret’s divorce is made final via letter she receives. She’s in the mess tent reading the letter in front of the other cast members. On her right collar is the gold cluster for Major. On the other collar, she is wearing lieutenant. I can’t remember if it’s a gold (2LT) bar or silver (1LT) bar. I can’t remember the name of the episode at the moment. Having been in the Air Force for 20 years, I like looking for the military goofs. It’s funny and gives the show more heart.

  2. Note also that Potter takes the mask away from Saunders and sets it down, then starts talking to him …but doesn’t turn off the gas.

  3. When Hawkeye & BJ are sitting outside eating, BJ calls Hawkeye “Charles”. I’m not sure if this is a mistake or if BJ is sarcastically insinuating that Hawkeye is acting like Charles!!

    1. No that’s in the script. He’s poking fun at him for being like Charles. That one has been incorrectly regarded as a mistake on the Internet but is not.

  4. As Margaret walks from the freshly bathed Hawk and BJ over to Charles to take his horn, check the seat of her pants. They have pockets on them. After she takes the horn, she walks to the middle of the compound, and bends down to place the horn so it can be flattened by a Jeep waiting for her signal, but the pockets on her pants are gone.

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