M*A*S*H References on Television

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I’ve updated the M*A*S*H References on Television page with a reference from FOX’s medical drama House.

In the November 11th, 2008 episode of House (”The Itch”) while discussing doing surgery in a patient’s home as opposed to the hospital, the following exchange takes place:

Cameron: “It’s probably ten times more sterile than any mobile hospital [operating room?] you’d find in a battlefield.”
House: “We’d still need Trapper John.”

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  1. In the second episode of Scrubs, (My Mentor), Dr. Cox comes in the room asking for a patient’s chart

    Dr. Cox: I need to see his chart—

    J.D.: [talking over him, and handing him a chart] Done. Copied. And Highlighted.

    Dr. Cox: Unfortunately, Radar, I’m fresh out of gold stars.

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