M*A*S*H References on Television

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I’ve updated M*A*S*H References on Television with a reference from Mork & Mindy. Joanne originally submitted the reference, although she was a little vague, but luckily I saw the episode a few weeks ago when SCI FI Channel had a marathon:

During the episode “I Heard It Through the Morkvine,” Mork calls up information on the telephone, looking for gossip:

“Hello, information? Yes. Hi, I’d like the truth about M*A*S*H. Yes, is it true Corporal Klinger is really Danny Thomas’s sister?”

I’ve also changed the format of the page in an attempt to make it a little bit easier to read. Let me know what you think. And be sure to keep your eyes and ears open for references to M*A*S*H on television.

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