Alda Interview Discusses M*A*S*H has an article entitled “That nice Capt. Pierce? See him now,” online at its website. The article, found here, includes interview snippets with Alan Alda focusing on the actor’s early life, his time on M*A*S*H and his latest role on the The Aviator.

Alda discusses the cast of M*A*S*H and his reservations about the sitcom:

Alda’s biggest concern about accepting the part was that the show would turn war into nothing more than a joke.

“I was afraid that it would be like ‘McHale’s Navy,’ which was a traditional service comedy in the sense that the army is a funny place to be,” said Alda. “Well, sometimes the army is a funny place to be, but not when they’re shooting at you, or your arm comes off.”


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