CBS M*A*S*H Remake? is reporting that CBS is mulling over making a new M*A*S*H movie … with new actors in the roles made famous by Alan Alda, Gary Burghoff and Wayne Rogers. According to the news snippet, however, the movie will use the new actors to “tell the story of the making of the series,” so it doesn’t appear to be a remake of the movie or the television series, but more of a docu-drama of sorts.

The Salon article links to a article that can be found here. This article goes further into the story, stating that:

According to Variety, the network is mulling a behind-the-scenes M*A*S*H movie titled M*A*S*Hback. The project would cast new actors in the classic roles and tell the story from Larry Gelbart’s pilot script to the death of McLean Stevenson’s character, Lt. Col. Henry Blake.

Nothing else is known at this time. If any M*A*S*H fans hear anything else about this, please be sure to send Finest Kind an e-mail so we can let the rest of the M*A*S*H community know what’s going on. This is easily the biggest M*A*S*H news since the “30th Anniversary Reunion Special.”

(Thanks to Gail.)


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