M*A*S*H To Hallmark In September

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The latest rumors regarding M*A*S*H moving to Hallmark from FX peg the switch occurring on September 1st, with FX airing one final marathon on August 31st. According to a newspost at ClassicTVHits.com, the episodes will be airing with “original CBS primetime content,” meaning no cut scenes for syndication.

This works with the FX schedule for M*A*S*H, which has eighteen episodes, including the final episode, airing from 7:00am until 6:00pm on Sunday, August 31st. One last hurrah, perhaps? In addition, Hallmark allegedly has begun airing promos for M*A*S*H, although the official Hallmark site doesn’t mention M*A*S*H at all.

FX has been airing M*A*S*H multiple times a day for the past few years and, unfortunately, with the move to Hallmark, many M*A*S*H fans will be unable to view the show, as not everyone receives Hallmark. Thankfully, Hallmark is only gaining the cable rights, not the broadcast rights, meaning local stations can still air the show.

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