Season 9 Episode Guide

195 – “The Best of Enemies” (9×01)
November 187th, 1980

While driving to Tokyo for R&R, Hawkeye comes upon an armed North Korean soldier who forces him to try and help his wounded comrade. Back at the 4077th, Charles has challenged Colonel Potter to a bridge tournament, and B.J. and Margaret are coerced into partnering up and playing as well.

196 – “Letters” (9×02)
November 24th, 1980

The 4077th gets a bag of mail from fourth grade students in Crabapple Cove, Hawkeye’s hometown. Various members of the camp respond to the letters, Hawkeye gets an emotional letter from one boy whose brother was killed in the war, and Charles is so moved by the letter he gets that instead of writing back he records one.

197 – “Cementing Relationships” (9×03)
December 1st, 1980

While working on putting down a new cement floor in the OR, Margaret must deal with a Italian corpsman named Ignazio who attempts to woo her, to no avail.

198 – “Father’s Day” (9×04)
December 8th, 1980

Margaret’s father, “Howitzer” Houlihan, comes for a visit, making problems for Margaret, who tries to make the 4077th run as smooth as possible.

199 – “Death Takes A Holiday” (9×05)
December 15th, 1980

As Christmas Day passes them by, B.J., along with Hawkeye and Margaret, works frantically to keep a fatally wounded soldier alive long enough so that he will live until December 26th, and his kids won’t have to remember Christmas as the day their daddy died.

200 – “A War For All Seasons” (9×06)
December 29th, 1980

The 4077th takes a fond look back at the good things that happened in 1951, on New Year’s Eve of 1950.

201 – “Your Retention Please” (9×07)
January 5th, 1981

As re-upping time rolls around, Klinger gets news from Toledo that his ex-wife will marry his best friend. Shattered by the news, he decides to re-up for another six years, while at the same time a male nurse is upset at the way he was treated by the army for being a male nurse.

202 – “Tell It To The Marines” (9×08)
January 12th, 1981

While Charles handles command of the 4077th in the absence of Colonel Potter, Hawkeye and B.J. have their own problems trying to get a hardship discharge for a soldier, but problems abound with the Marines.

203 – “Taking the Fifth” (9×09)
January 19th, 1981

While Colonel Potter does his best to find a painkiller he can use when he is notified that the army will soon be banning the current one in use, Hawkeye attempts to get dates with various nurses through the use of an antiqued bottle of wine.

204 – “Operation Friendship” (9×10)
January 26th, 1981

After Klinger saves Charles’ life, at the expense of his nose, when the incubator blows, Charles’ will not rest until his debt to Klinger is repaid. Klinger begins to take advantage of this arrangement, while B.J., who as also injured in the blast, won’t let on how bad the injury to his hand really is.

205 – “No Sweat” (9×11)
February 2nd, 1981

During a particularly sweltering night in Korea, the members of the 4077th must keep themselves occupied so they won’t think about the heat, which is near impossible for Margaret, who has come down with a bad case of prickly heat, but for Klinger it’s another matter; he takes apart the PA.

206 – “Depressing News” (9×12)
February 9th, 1981

After they are accidentally given a shipment of over half a million tongue depressors, Hawkeye decides to document this error by erecting a huge tower, made out of tongue depressors. Klinger writes about it, Colonel Potter paints it, and in the end, Hawkeye makes one final gesture with it.

207 – “No Laughing Matter” (9×13)
February 16th, 1981

While Hawkeye attempts to make it one day without joking, Charles is finally able to lock horns with Colonel Horace Baldwin, the man who sent him to Korea. Baldwin offers a return to Tokyo, but at a price even Charles is not willing to pay – friendship.

208 – “Oh How We Danced” (9×14)
February 23rd, 1981

The camp plans a surprise anniversary party for B.J., while Charles is forced to inspect the sanitary conditions at the front, which leads to an interesting trade for a harmonica.

209 – “Bottom’s Up” (9×15)
March 2nd, 1981

Hawkeye’s practical joke on Charles goes too far, and the camp gets upset with him, while one of the nurses attempts to hide the fact that she’s an alcoholic.

210 – “The Red/White Blues” (9×16)
March 9th, 1981

The 4077th attempts to help lower Colonel Potter’s blood pressure for his upcoming physical, but things backfire when he gets upset at the way he is being treated by his staff.

211 – “Bless You, Hawkeye” (9×17)
March 16th, 1981

Sidney Freedman must delve deep into the recesses of Hawkeye’s mind to attempt and figure out why he is uncontrollably sneezing all the time.

212 – “Blood Brothers” (9×18)
April 6th, 1981

While Father Mulcahy anxiously awaits the visit of a Cardinal, Hawkeye is deeply affected at the friendship between a critically ill soldier and one with leukemia.

213 – “The Foresight Saga” (9×19)
April 13th, 1981

Colonel Potter is worried at the way Radar sounds in a letter from Ottumwa, while the rest of the 4077th enjoys a gift from a Korean woman; fresh veggies.

214 – “The Life You Save” (9×20)
May 4th, 1981

Charles is almost killed by a sniper, and afterward becomes obsessed with death, spending time with soldiers who faced death, and trying to find out what one soldier who actually died for a few moments saw while deceased.

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