Season 6 Episode Guide

121 – “Fade Out, Fade In” (6×01)
September 20th, 1977

Frank doesn’t take Margaret getting married very well, so Colonel Potter decides the best thing for him is to get some down time, in Tokyo. While Frank’s gone, casualties quickly begin piling up, which means a replacement surgeon needs to be called in. Major Charles Emerson Winchester, III is that replacement surgeon, who becomes a permanent surgeon, replacing Frank, who went “insane” and in turn, was promoted and sent back to the States.

NOTE: Originally aired as a one-hour show; split into two parts for syndication.

122 – “Fallen Idol” (6×02)
September 27th, 1977

After Radar is wounded while en route to the Pink Pagoda in Seoul, per Hawkeye’s prompting, Hawkeye is unable to operate on his good friend because of his guilty conscience. Colonel Potter operates on Radar, and afterwards Radar and Hawkeye have a fight, with Radar getting upset because Hawkeye couldn’t operate, and Hawkeye getting upset because Radar admires him too much. Eventually, the two reconcile, with Hawkeye giving Radar a well-deserved Purple Heart, and a rare salute.

123 – “Last Laugh” (6×03)
October 4th, 1977

One of B.J.’s buddies, Bardonaro, drops by, and practical jokes run amok. However, the joke goes too far when it gets B.J. charged with a crime he didn’t commit. Colonel Potter and Hawkeye manage to get B.J. out of trouble, and then Bardonaro returns to get back his travel orders, and B.J. ends up getting the last laugh.

124 – “War of Nerves” (6×04)
October 11th, 1977

After the pressure of the war gets to be too much to handle, members of the 4077th build a huge bonfire in which they burn just about anything, as a way to ease the tension. Sidney drops by, upset by a soldier who is blaming him for injuries he sustained after Sidney sent him back to the fighting.

125 – “The Winchester Tapes” (6×05)
October 18th, 1977

After Charles records a letter to his parents asking them to do whatever it takes to get him back in the USA, Hawkeye and B.J. do a little secret alterations to his clothing. As a result, Charles changes his eating habits.

126 – “The Light That Failed” (6×06)
October 25th, 1977

Being the Army, when medical supplies are needed, the 4077th is sent salt tablets and ice cream churns, while B.J. gets a mystery novel that intrigues the entire camp. So everyone is understandably upset when they get to the end and find the last page missing, and the mystery left unsolved. It’s up to B.J. to solve the problem. His solution? A phone call to the author.

127 – “In Love and War” (6×07)
November 1st, 1977

After being asked to help an elderly sick Korean woman by her daughter, Hawkeye then proceeds to fall in love with the daughter, one Kyong Soon. Hawkeye is amazed at how she not only takes care of her mother, but also maintains a farm and cares for orphans. After her mother dies, Kyong decides to move southward with the children, leaving Hawkeye behind.

128 – “Change Day” (6×08)
November 8th, 1977

The scheming Charles comes up with a fool-proof (or so he believes) plan to cheat members of the 4077th out of their money. It comes about when the Army decides to change the red scrip (money issued to Army members) with a new, blue scrip. However, Hawkeye and B.J. get wind of his plan, and they work to keep him from pulling it off. In the end, Charles has piles and piles of money; in valueless red scrip.

129 – “Images” (6×09)
November 15th, 1977

After seeing that a lot of the wounded soldiers who come through the 4077th are the bearers of tattoos, Radar decides that he too should have one, and that a tattoo will help him with women. The entire camp, especially Hawkeye, try to change his mind. In the end, Radar shows of his brand new tattoo; drawn on with marker that is easily removable.

130 – “The M*A*S*H Olympics” (6×10)
November 22nd, 1977

Colonel Potter sets up a campwide Olympic games, with the team scoring the highest receiving a three day pass, so everyone is ripping to compete. Hawkeye and B.J. make another bet, whoever wins must push the other around in a wheelchair for a week. Klinger gets sick, so when Colonel Penobscot shows up, Colonel Potter lets him stand in for Klinger. Hawkeye’s team wins, so B.J. is forced to push him around.

131 – “The Grim Reaper” (6×11)
November 29th, 1977

After getting upset and pushing Colonel Victor Bloodworth against a wall for predicted how many casualties (280) will show up at the 4077th, Hawkeye faces a court-martial. However, after Colonel Bloodworth is wounded and observes Hawkeye’s talents firsthand, he decides the doctor is too important to the 4077th, so he drops his charges of assault.

132 – “Comrades In Arms (Part I of II)” (6×12)
December 6th, 1977

Hawkeye and Margaret are forced to put aside their differences when they end up trapped in enemy territory and must hide in a hut to escape enemy shelling.

133 – “Comrades In Arms (Part II of II)” (6×13)
December 13th, 1977

While in their hut, Hawkeye and Margaret, both frightened half-to-death from the prospect of being shelled to death, end up embracing and becoming much closer than they’d ever been before, at least until they’re rescued and returned to the 4077th, where Hawkeye professes how immensely grateful he is to have been found when he was, and Margaret slaps him.

134 – “The Merchant of Korea” (6×14)
December 20th, 1977

After B.J. borrows $200 from Charles, Charles starts ordering B.J. around. So, to retaliate, Charles is invited to join a poker game. To everyone’s surprise, Charles is an ace at the game, and starts winning everyone’s money. Thankfully, Radar realizes that Charles whistles when he’s bluffing, which everyone is able to use to their advantage and win back everything the lost.

135 – “The Smell of Music” (6×15)
January 3rd, 1978

Hawkeye and B.J., upset that Charles won’t stop playing his French Horn, decide that in order to force their bunkmate to give up his music by not showering. After a few days of this, the camp hoses down the two foul-smelling surgeons, and Margaret has Charles’ French horn run over. Meanwhile, Colonel Potter has a talk with a suicidal patient and is able to save his life.

136 – “Patient 4077” (6×16)
January 10th, 1978

Hawkeye and B.J. go to a local Korean jeweler to see if he can create a special surgical clamp they need. After the first clamp doesn’t work out, the second one is used a few days later to keep a patient from losing his leg.

137 – “Tea and Empathy” (6×17)
January 17th, 1978

After their supply of penicillin is stolen, and casualties are high, Father Mulcahy is able to find out where more penicillin can be obtained. He sets out with Klinger to retrieve the penicillin, which they’re able to do, after being shot at.

138 – “Your Hit Parade” (6×18)
January 24th, 1978

After receiving a collection of records, Radar plays disc jockey to the camp, which relieves the tension and pressure of a long stint in the OR, brought on by yet another deluge of wounded.

139 – “What’s Up, Doc?” (6×19)
January 30th, 1978

After Margaret comes to him in confidence, thinking she is pregnant, Hawkeye asks Radar if he can use his rabbit to test Margaret, which Radar only agrees to after Hawkeye promises the rabbit won’t die. In the meantime, Charles and B.J. are held at gunpoint by a wounded soldier who wants to be sent home. In the end, Margaret isn’t pregnant, Radar’s rabbit is fine, and the soldier passes out from loss of blood.

140 – “Mail Call Three” (6×20)
February 6th, 1978

In the third and final such named episode, five sacks full of mail arrive at the 4077th after being kept up for three weeks, meaning everyone is starved for contact with loved ones back home. Hawkeye gets letters mailed to Benjamin Pierce, which he enjoys reading, while B.J. doesn’t enjoy hearing that his wife was advanced upon by another man, and Radar deals with the fact that his mother has a boyfriend.

141 – “Temporary Duty” (6×21)
February 13th, 1978

After a temporary transfer between the 4077th and the 8063rd, Hawkeye and Bigalow leave and are replaced by Captain Roy Dupree, who annoys everyone, and by Lorraine Anderson, a nurse who Margaret knows, but they two don’t get along. B.J. and Charles get Colonel Potter outraged with Dupree so he won’t become a permanent member of the 4077th, and in the end, Margaret and Lorraine reconcile, and Hawkeye returns.

142 – “Potter’s Retirement” (6×22)
February 20th, 1978

After being informed that someone at the 4077th is complaining about how he runs the place, Colonel Potter decides to retire and go home, which upsets just about everyone. In the end, he decides to stay after discovering the person the complaints are coming from was sent by a perturbed Colonel who had come through the 4077th some months before.

143 – “Dr. Winchester and Mr. Hyde” (6×23)
February 27th, 1978

Charles, upset that he can’t keep his energy up as much as he’d like to, takes amphetamines, which allow him to stay on his feet longer and get more work done. However, after he gives amphetamines to Radar’s mouse so it will win in a race against a Marine’s mouse, and in turn, Charles will win the bet, his drug use is found out.

144 – “Major Topper” (6×24)
March 27th, 1978

The surgeons are forced to give wounded soldiers placebo pills in place of morphine, which may have been contaminated, and a soldier other than Klinger is sent home on a Section Eight.

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