Season 2 Episode Guide

025 – “Divided We Stand” (2×01)
September 15th, 1973

After they are informed by Henry that a psychiatrist (not Sidney) is coming down to check out the people at the 4077th, everyone tries to keep things looking normal and not let things get out of hand. However, being the 4077th, things start going back to normal soon after the psychiatrist arrives. Thankfully, even though the psychiatrist is certain the camp is insane, he thinks it would be a bad idea to split them up.

026 – “5 O’Clock Charlie” (2×02)
September 22nd, 1973

Frank attempts to get a big gun to shoot at a North Korean bomber who comes once a day at 5 O’Clock and throws a hand grenade at the ammo dump near the camp, always missing. The camp makes a great time out of the event, betting on how far Charlie will be off. Everything is fine until General Clayton, there to see if a gun is called for, has his jeep destroyed. Frank gets his gun, but Hawkeye, Trapper, and Radar are able to get the ammo dump destroyed by it.

027 – “Radar’s Report” (2×03)
September 29th, 1973

Radar puts together his weekly report, telling of Hawkeye’s romance of a new nurse, Klinger’s girlfriend back in Toledo wanting to get married, a wounded soldier attacks the doctors with a scalpel, causing Trapper to lose a patient.

028 – “For The Good of the Outfit” (2×04)
October 6th, 1973

Hawkeye and Trapper work to get a South Korean village rebuilt after the U.S. military accidentally destroys it. After the investigator takes off with the evidence and their report so that the Army doesn’t have to admit their fault. In the end, Frank sends in a report as well, and the Army is forced to admit they destroyed the village.

029 – “Dr. Pierce and Mr. Hyde” (2×05)
October 13th, 1973

After being on duty for three straight days, or 72 hours, Hawkeye is fatigued and out of his mind from lack of sleep. Coming to the conclusion that the North Koreans may be upset that the US has superior toilet facilities, he has a latrine tied to a jeep and pulled off, a present to the enemy.

030 – “Kim” (2×06)
October 20th, 1973

A young Korean boy named Kim forms a strong bond with Trapper, after he operates on him, and Trapper plans on trying to adopt the boy. While the rest of the camp looks on in horror, Trapper runs into a minefield to save Kim, and then has to somehow find his way out. After his heroic act, Trapper is saddened when Kim’s mother shows up.

031 – “L.I.P (Local Indigenous Personnel)” (2×07)
October 27th, 1973

After they find out that a Corporal Walker isn’t being allowed to marry his Korean sweetheart, Hawkeye, Trapper, and Radar set about blackmailing the CID officer so that Walker can marry the woman, and his wife will be able to return with him to the US.

032 – “The Trial of Henry Blake” (2×08)
November 3rd, 1973

Radar and Henry drive off to a hearing that will determine if a court-martial for Henry is necessary, leaving Hawkeye and Trapper to deal with Frank in command. The most serious charge against their beloved CO? Aiding and abetting the enemy. Hawkeye and Trapper bring Meg Cratty, an American nurse working in South Korea, to the hearing to save Henry. In the end, they blackmail Frank and Margaret into dropping the charges by threatening to send a letter to Frank’s wife.

033 – “Dead Dad…Three” (2×09)
November 10th, 1973

In the third, and last such named episode, Hawkeye tells his father the story of the 4077th dealing with a very racist sergeant who doesn’t want to accept blood from an African-American, as well how the doctors were forced to operate on a soldier with a grenade in his body, and Henry gets a film of his daughter’s birthday.

034 – “The Sniper” (2×10)
November 17th, 1973

Thinking he is sniping MacArthur’s headquarters, a Korean sniper keeps the 4077th at bay, with intermittent firing, which eventually heralds Hawkeye’s impassioned “I don’t give a damn” speech about heroism. In the end, the sniper is taken down by chopper fire, and the 4077th can go back to their business.

035 – “Carry On, Hawkeye” (2×11)
November 24th, 1973

As the only surgeon not taken down during a flu epidemic, Hawkeye must not only has to do the work of the entire surgical staff, but he must get a flu shot. Being Hawkeye, he has Margaret give it to him in his behind. Eventually Hawkeye also comes down with the flu, but after everyone else begins to recuperate.

036 – “The Incubator” (2×12)
December 1st, 1973

Hawkeye, Trapper, and Radar work to get an incubator for the 4077th from the army, which seems quite set on not allowing the medical facility a needed piece of equipment. They could, however, get a barbecue.

037 – “Deal Me Out” (2×13)
December 8th, 1973

A full episode that involves a poker game, Radar hitting Whiplash Wang with his jeep, Frank being held hostage in the shower by a soldier who is being concealed by Sidney Freedman, as well as a guest appearance by Edward Winter as Captain Hallorin.

038 – “Hot Lips and Empty Arms” (2×14)
December 15th, 1973

Sometimes said to be the first Margaret episode, this one involves Margaret getting drunk, kicking out Frank, asking for a transfer, and telling Trapper he’s really built.

039 – “Officers Only” (2×15)
December 22nd, 1973

After they save the son of General Mitchell, Hawkeye and Trapper get rewarded with weekend passes. Frank, however, asks for an Officer’s Club, and won’t allow the enlisted personal in. This enrages Radar, as well as Hawkeye and Trapper, who end up getting the Officer’s Club declared open to everyone when General Mitchell brings his son, who is enlisted, inside.

040 – “Henry In Love” (2×16)
January 5th, 1974

Hawkeye, Trapper, and Radar work to keep Henry from making a big mistake and ending his marriage, after he returns from Tokyo with the news he’s in love with Nancy Sue Parker, who used to be a cheerleader.

041 – “For Want of a Boot” (2×17)
January 12th, 1974

In the same vein as the first season episode The Longjohn Flap, this episode involves Hawkeye’s attempts to get himself a new pair of boots, his old ones having holes in them. He goes to see Zale, who will only get the boots if Hawkeye can get him in to see the camp dentist, who won’t see Zale unless Henry will give him a pass, and Henry won’t give the pass unless Hawkeye can stop Margaret from bothering him, and Margaret won’t do that unless Hawkeye and Trapper will hold a party to celebrate Frank’s birthday, with a cake, and Radar won’t get the cake unless he can get a date with Nurse Murphy, and Nurse Murphy won’t go on a date unless the guy has a hair dryer, and Klinger won’t give up his hairdryer until he gets his Section 8 papers signed, and, of course, Frank won’t sign. In the end, Hawkeye doesn’t get his boots.

042 – “Operation Noselift” (2×18)
January 19th, 1974

Hawkeye and Trapper send for a specialist who can give an enlisted man a nose job, which is against regulations. Hawkeye’s friend, the specialist, only comes to the 4077th after Hawkeye promises him a good nurse, which his friend thinks is Margaret. Frank wants to throw the book at the man getting a nose job, but he can’t find him, Hawkeye and Trapper have everyone is wearing a bandage over their noses!

043 – “The Chosen People” (2×19)
January 26th, 1974

Captain Pac comes for a visit, and some local Koreans set up a village in the middle of the camp, and Radar is informed that he is the father of a Korean baby. Eventually the Koreans are relocated and Radar finds out he isn’t the father.

044 – “As You Were” (2×20)
February 2nd, 1974

After a long period with no casualties, Hawkeye and Trapper get bored. They order gorilla suits, and put Frank into a crate, while Henry gives another of his sex-ed lectures. Eventually the wounded start coming in again, at the same time the the camp is shelled by their own forces.

045 – “Crisis” (2×21)
February 9th, 1974

After the supply lines to the camp are cut, and no new supplies will be coming for a while, the 4077th is forced to work with shortages in food, clothing, fuel, among other things. To conserve heat, groups start bunking together, and just about anything that can be burned is burned, including most of Henry’s office.

046 – “George” (2×22)
February 16th, 1974

Private Weston, who has openly admitted he’s gay, comes up against Frank, who wishes to dishonorably discharge the man.

047 – “Mail Call” (2×23)
February 23rd, 1974

As with the “Dear Dad” series of episodes, this is the first of three such named episodes, in which the mail from home arrives at the 4077th. Trapper gets depressed after receiving letters from his family, and attempts to desert, while Hawkeye tries to keep him from leaving. Hawkeye has a good laugh at Frank’s expense, he leaves a self-penned letter in his bunk that talks of a made-up company, Pioneer Aviation, that Frank decides to buy stock in.

048 – “A Smattering of Intelligence” (2×24)
March 2nd, 1974

Colonel Flagg arrives at the 4077th to check out the camp, as does Vinny Pratt, although his is from a different intelligence agency. Hawkeye and Trapper are able to convince both agents that Frank is a traitor, Flagg thinks Fascist, Vinny thinks he’s a communist. In the end, Hawkeye admits to have switched Frank’s folder.

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