Rate them as actors,..

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Mr Kwong
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Rate them as actors,..

Post by Mr Kwong » Fri Sep 07, 2018 8:35 am

Here's my list;

1. Harry Morgan- he was there for the transition from comedy to drama, and it showed how versatile he was, he could be fatherly, gruff, and hilarious..
2. Gary Burghoff - so convincing, and adept in both the comedic & dramatic aspects of the show..
3. Alan Alda - a talented actor, but he could be incrediby hammy & overbearing
4. McClean Stevenson - criminally underrated, his speech in "Sometimes you hear the bullet" showed his versatility
5. Wayne Rogers - also underrated, he made it look easy,
6. David Ogden Stiers - more adept at drama than comedy,
7. Larry Linville - he played a one-dimensional character, but he did it so well many say the show lost a couple of steps when he left.
7. Mike Farrell - Not all that funny doing comedy, kinda stiff doing drama,
8. William Christopher - as a "one-off character" he made the most of it when his role expanded.
9. Jamie Farr - Klinger was great when he showed up in a dress, barked a line or two & left..when there was more to do, (in spite of some of the horrible dialogue in later seasons) Farr wasn't up to the task..
10. Loretta Switt - in the early seasons Hot lips was, like Frank pretty one-dimensional, like Jamie Farr when she was given more to do, it showed how limited she was

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