Additional Avatars?

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Additional Avatars?

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Is there any chance of a greater choice of avatars? The one currently on offer are, obviously, correct and proper, as they were the central characters from start to finish. However, there were a few people that cropped up on an irregular basis, such as Captain Pak, Igor, Zelmo Zale, Spearchucker (first series), Ugly John (first series as well), Colonel Flagg, Goldman (though he was more an extra), Nurse Cutler (God, she was gorgeous), Nurse Able (or Louise Anderson, played by the equally gorgeous Lynette Mettey), Nurse Kelleye or Sidney Freedman.
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Re: Additional Avatars?

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The M*A*S*H avatars/smilies were created by a very talented M*A*S*H fan and a member of the forums, Big Daddy O'Reilly. I do not have the graphic skills. If he is interested in making more, I would be happy to add them. It could be tough make the nurses unique enough to be identifiable. With Igor it would be easy: just give him a chef's hat.
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