(01x20) 020 - The Army-Nave Game

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(01x20) 020 - The Army-Nave Game

Post by Big Daddy O'Reilly »

This was an very interesting yet very entertaining episode as well.

McLean Stevenson is credited as coming up with the story for this episode, but I wonder which of the plots he contributed to the writers, the plot of the army-navy game itself, or the plot of the unexploded bomb in camp. Or both? I don't know.

Either way, there was some angst in this episode with everybody waiting for the bomb to go off, while at the same time, waiting to hear from other with instructions on how to disarm it, or who it even belongs to. What an amusing twist that it turned out to be a propaganda bomb: "Give yourselves up, you can't win. Douglas MacArthur".

Usually, I try to avoid watching episodes on TV because of all the scenes they cut out, however, there's one scene they cut out I'm glad they did, it just seemed to weird (and a little gay) with Klinger showing Mulcahy the suit he was drafted in, and Mulcahy talking about what a nice looking man he is.

I don't know what more I can add about this episode, other than I really liked it, one of my favorites.

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Re: (01x20) 020 - The Army-Nave Game

Post by Ferret Face »

Another really good episode. I really like how they play the two sides of the episode off each other as they keep getting updates on the game at the worst time, while the people they talk to on the phone are distracted. It's great seeing how different characters react to the idea of death from the bomb. And of course, the bomb diffusing scene was a classic (even if I'm always a bit bothered by how short a distance Hawkeye and Trapper run before dropping to the ground.

I do find this episode a bit less effective during rewatches than some other episodes, but still really enjoy it overall.

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