Favorite M*A*S*H moments

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Favorite M*A*S*H moments

Post by TrapperJoe »

Certain moments in M*A*S*H are so powerful they give you goosebumps, or so funny your cracking up throughout your day if you think of them.

What are some of your favorite M*A*S*H moments?

One of my favorite scenes is from "War Of Nerves", as the camp is watching the rubble burn, then Col. Potter starts in with "Keep the Home Fires Burning..." and then the rest of them join the Colonel.

Just an amazing moment.

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Re: Favorite M*A*S*H moments

Post by TimFoust »

When Little Mac Fell out of the Closet on to Margret, priceless.

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Re: Favorite M*A*S*H moments

Post by Mash4Ever »

When Hawkeye And BJ Said Goodbye To Each Other In Goodbye Farewell Amen!
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Re: Favorite M*A*S*H moments

Post by MASHGuy »

My favourite M*A*S*H moment is when they have to put arrows and a big target for 5 O'clock Charlie, just such a funny moment. :henry:

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