Season 2 General Discussion

Talk about individual episodes here. Every episode has its own discussion thread and there are also threads for each season.
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Season 2 General Discussion

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Like the Season One thread, this thread is for the discussion of Season Two as a whole.

We know that Season Two was the first real successful season of the show, considering Season One tanked during it's initial run, and the writers and producers strived to make Season Two bigger and better than the first, even so far as Larry Gelbart saying "Divided We Stand" (2x01) was written like a second pilot to re-introduce the characters to the audiences watching.

Personally, however, I'm actually really not too impressed with Season Two, I think it's because when I think back on the early years with Trapper, Henry, and Frank, all kinds of episodes from Seasons One and Three come to my mind for memorable moments, yet there's very little from Season Two that has left an impression on me when I think of memorable moments... I don't know why. I mean there WERE good moments, "Kim" (2x05) is one of my favorite episodes, Trapper really shined, and I think on them being bombed by their own artillery and Radar kept promoting himself over the phone to get the shelling stopped... or the cold snap where everyone had to sleep in the same tent, and they kept burning the furniture in Henry's office. Other than that, I don't believe the season really did anything for me.

I hate to bump this old thread, but I've been partaking in my annual reliving my introduction to M*A*S*H summer ritual (I first started watching the show back in the summer of 2005, so every year since then, I watch four episodes a day as a ritual).

I'm in the middle of Season Two right now, and I'm reminded of why I don't particularly care for it, only now I think I know WHY I don't care for it... it's a little boring: the stories are rather dull and bland, and the schtick with Hawkeye and Trapper actually gets really annoying how they absolutely cannot be serious, even when they're in trouble, they just HAVE to be like a couple of class clowns about it (this is why I prefer the interaction between Hawkeye and B.J.).
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Re: Season Two General Discussion

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My two favorite episode was A Smattering of Intelligence {Season 2} and The Novcaine Mutiny {If MASH had kept up to the standard of Funnt as shown by these two epsiodes and stopped in the 4th season--it would have been much better.......... 8-)
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Re: Season Two General Discussion

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kept promoting himself over the phone to get the shelling stopped
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Re: Season Two General Discussion

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My favorite Season II episode is "The Trial Of Col. Henry Blake", especially this scene! :klinger:
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Re: Season 2 General Discussion

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With the second season, I feel like they did a very good job of taking what was good about the first season, with the funny, often farcical stories, and the great comedic character dynamics (while cutting a lot of the fat from the first season), while starting to push it towards becoming more of a dramedy thanks to the success of the more serious moments of the first season. There were more stories specifically dealing with aspects of its setting, be it the enemy trying to attack them ("5 O'clock Charlie," and "The Sniper"), attempts to show the Korean people in different ways (a potentially orphaned kid in "Kim," interracial relationships in "L.I.P," homelessness during wars and soldiers abandoning their illegitimate children in "The Chosen People,"), and a few other serious issues. Of course, not everything landed as well as they hoped (though many of them were very good), but it showed they were trying hard to take the setting seriously, even while still focusing largely on comedy.
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Re: Season 2 General Discussion

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Season two is my favorite! I really wish the show had stayed more like this over the years.
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