Hogan's Heroes/M*A*S*H crossovers

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Hogan's Heroes/M*A*S*H crossovers

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Perhaps this topic has been covered in the past on this forum or the 4077tv.com main page, but I was unable to locate such a discussion if it exists.

Thanks to ME TV I have re-watched the entire run of Hogan's Heroes over the past few months. Although I have watched Hogan's since the early 1970's this was the first time that I made particular note of how many actors appeared on both M*A*S*H and Hogan's (a couple of behind the scenes folks worked on both as well).

I don't know if this list is complete, so feel free to add anyone I may have missed.

Gene Reynolds
M*A*S*H -- Producer/Writer/Director
Hogans -- Director

Lawrence Marks
Both series -- Writer

William Christopher
M- Father Mulcahy
H- 4 different roles

Roy Goldman
Extra on both series (many appearances but had only a few lines of dialog in each series)

Johnny Haymer
M - Sgt Zale
H - 1 appearance

John Orchard
M- Ugly John
H- 3 different characters

Robert Hogan
M- Smilin' Jack
H- 2 appearances and Col. Hogan is named for him

Bernard Fox
M- 1 appearance as Major Ross
H- Col. Crittenden in 8 episodes

James Sikking
M- finance officer in "Tuttle"
H- 3 appearances

unidentified black actor
M- appears as an extra in some early episodes
H- in most episodes, usually as Roy Goldman's "sidekick" in the background of scenes. He had at least 1 line of dialog in Hogan's, but I have never been able to identify him by name.

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Re: Hogan's Heroes/M*A*S*H crossovers

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I actually hosted a game on the forum a long time ago guessing the identity of M*A*S*H actors from their guest appearances on HOGAN'S HEROES, which you can find here:


And likewise I also mentioned the unidentified black extra in this thread:


According to the HOGAN'S HEROES Wiki, the character is identified as Private Broughton, but the actor has never been identified.

Aside from that, here's one more crossover to add to your list:

William "B.J." Jergenson
M- Director/Cinematographer
H- Cinematographer

Here's something I find really interesting: HOGAN'S HEROES was all about spying and espionage what with Hogan and his crew conducting secret operations in their tunnels underneath camp. The last episode Laurence Marks wrote for M*A*S*H was "Potter's Retirement," which was about a secret informer in camp sending in negative reports about Potter's fitness for command.

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Crabapple Cove
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Re: Hogan's Heroes/M*A*S*H crossovers

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Thanks for the links Big Daddy.

Your quiz located several folks that I missed -- particularly the two future M*A*S*H nurses. I remember seeing them in Hogan's but my brain didn't make the M*A*S*H connection.

I am gradually watching the Rockford Files on Netflix (have just made it through season 1). There are quite a number of M*A*S*H crossovers on that series as well (besides the obvious Stuart Margolin).

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