Forums upgraded to phpBB 3.1.3

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Contact: Forums upgraded to phpBB 3.1.3

Post by RJ »

Today I finally got around to upgrading the Forums to the latest version of phpBB, the software that runs the forums. In October 2014 version 3.1 was released and 3.1.3 was released in February of this year. In other words, I should have upgraded a long time ago. For a brief look at what's new in phpBB 3.1 please see this official announcement.

Basically, nothing much should have changed after the upgrade. The "armoury" style is no longer available for use. It is not compatible with phpBB 3.1. Only 10 users had chosen it over the default "prosilver" style so hopefully it won't be too much of a loss. The wonderful M*A*S*H smilies that Big Daddy O'Reilly created are still available. All existing user avatars and post attachments should still work.

If you come across any errors or problems, please let me know.
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Big Daddy O'Reilly
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Re: Forums upgraded to phpBB 3.1.3

Post by Big Daddy O'Reilly »

The first thing I noticed when the I logged on was the armoury skin was no longer available. :| Oh well.

Other than that, the new version does look a little snazzier, I like the new header with the notifications, PMs, profile, etc.

I know some people have requested for years that a new logo be made - if that sentiment still holds, I'll gladly make a new one, since I now have the program I needed on my current computer (and a better, more up-to-date version as well); new version, new logo, eh?
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