(07x24) 171 - A Night at Rosie's

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(07x24) 171 - A Night at Rosie's

Post by Big Daddy O'Reilly »

Did you know that this episode was literally written at the last minute? Originally, a version of "Good-bye, Radar" was meant to be the Season Seven finale since Gary Burghoff had already said he wasn't going to renew his contract, however the network feared in doing so, nobody would watch Season Eight, so they canceled it, and decided to hold it over till a little ways into Season Eight, and build up to it so Radar's departure could be something special.

So, needing to fill in the now empty slot in the season, Ken Levine & David Isaacs practically wrote "A Night at Rosie's" in a weekend, brought it in the following Monday, and they started filming immediately.

Personally, I dislike Eileen Saki's Rosie: beforehand, Rosie had been played by different actresses, each gave her a different demeanor and personality, but Eileen Saki's Rosie was too much like the sharp-tongued and snarky waitress stereotype that pop up in American TV all the time, she was kind of an unlikable character.

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Re: (07x24) 171 - A Night at Rosie's

Post by kkt »

It came out very well, then, in my opinion. One of my favorite episodes. How's they get an actor with the right chemistry to play Scully at the last minute and no rehearsal time?

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Re: (07x24) 171 - A Night at Rosie's

Post by Ferret Face »

Considering how quickly they wrote this episode, and the somewhat simplistic nature of the story, this was a very enjoyable episode overall IMO. I really liked seeing the different antics they came up with, including forming their own "country" in Rosie's, tying up Charles and sitting on him (off camera), the crooked dice game, and the fight. And while I know some people will understandably feel like Hawkeye and BJ deserved more of a punishment for what they did (maybe they did, after the episode?), I like that they at least had Potter come in and tell them off, saying he deserved more respect than they'd shown him in this episode.

I'd be lying if I said it was one of the best episodes, but it did exactly what they wanted to do: have a simple, fun episode.

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Re: (07x24) 171 - A Night at Rosie's

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I've always thought of this episode as "The last hurrah". Season 8 is just around the corner with it's humorless, overly dramatic storylines, and cringe inducing dialogue. Following Hawkeye's lead, the entire camp migrates to Rosie for a day of debauchery (except for Charles), with a side plot that features Klinger and a floating crap game. Potter eventually shuts everything down, which isn't all that sad, what IS sad, is that the show wouldn't be this much fun ever again.

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