(07x07) 154 - None Like It Hot

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Big Daddy O'Reilly
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(07x07) 154 - None Like It Hot

Post by Big Daddy O'Reilly »

One of my favorites, absolutely love it; it gots hot a lot where I live, so watching this episode makes the heatwaves a little more bearable, knowing there's others who feel the pain, lol.

It was a clever little story, Hawkeye and B.J. trying to hide a bathtub from the rest of the camp, with no success, thanks to Charles blackmailing them, and soon, the entire camp is lined out the Compound just to take a dip in a tub full of cool water for ten minutes.

And just think: if Klinger could have lasted for one more hour, he would have made it home.

Ferret Face
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Re: (07x07) 154 - None Like It Hot

Post by Ferret Face »

This was always an episode I enjoyed, but for some reason, I managed to enjoy it even more than I expected this time around. There were a lot of great bits in this episode, like Hawkeye's over-joyed reaction to being in the tub the first time, Father Mulcahy telling everyone off for being impatient, and Charles using the fight to cut in line.

I will say that Radar's part of the story bothered me a bit, due to everyone else's reactions around him. First, Hawkeye has him use the tub for medical reasons, but nobody could let him be. And then after his surgery, everyone demands that he shares his ice cream. Of course, under normal circumstances, these scenes would be fine, and even funny (especially the tub scene). But it bothers me that they're doing this while he's sick, and they work at a hospital, so they should be a bit more sympathetic (even if they're reluctantly so). But other than that, this is a great episode.

Mr Kwong
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Re: (07x07) 154 - None Like It Hot

Post by Mr Kwong »

Pretty enjoyable episode, and another one where the enlisted men (Klinger & Radar) excel. Ted Ghering is back, this time as a sleazy wheeling-dealing supply seargant, and just like his appearance in "the incubator", steals the scenes he's in..

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