(07x03) 150 - Lil

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(07x03) 150 - Lil

Post by Big Daddy O'Reilly »

The A-story of this episode seems to show just how close Radar has actually grown towards Potter... maybe even moreso than Henry: in contrast to "Henry in Love" (2x16), Radar was absolutely outraged at the mere idea of Potter possibly even thinking about cheating on Mildred, whereas he kind of looked the other way with Henry's affairs with both Leslie Scorch and Nancy Sue Parker (though over the latter, Radar DID patch through a call to Lorraine to bring her and Henry back together), but over Potter and Lil, Radar was rather passive aggressive at trying to break the two of them up, even going so far as to secretly let out the air in the jeep tires so they couldn't drive off for a picnic.

Further evidence that Radar's grown close to Potter is this exchange:

HAWKEYE: Radar, we're all a long way from home, maybe he just wants a little companionship.
RADAR: That's what he's got me for!

As for the B-story, it's a little on the silly side... I think perhaps Hawkeye went too far to the extreme just to find out what B.J. stands for... especially considering in a much episode, he didn't even care! I THINK it was "The More I See You" (4x23)

NURSE: What does B.J. stand for?
HAWKEYE: Practically anything.

Do you think B.J. is REALLY an amalgam of Bea Hunnicutt and Jay Hunnicutt, or do you think that's just another one of Beej's jokes.

Once again, I'm not sure how to rate this one, I think it may be between above average and average.

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Re: (07x03) 150 - Lil

Post by edmund0901 »

Potter said to Lil that he had given her the wrong impression but I didn't see any indication that he led her on and that
he was just enjoying the company of someone to talk to. But he did tell her "but if I was ever tempted." It's also likely
that he was remembering what he related to his son-in-law in Strange Bedfellows how he had cheated on Mildred early in his marriage and that he never wanted to feel lousy like that again.

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Re: (07x03) 150 - Lil

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Not exactly one of the better episodes IMO. I will say, I do like the idea of Potter wanting the company of someone his own age, while he's usually around people a lot younger than him. However, didn't really care for Radar's reaction to it. I understand he that he sees marriage as sacred, and he looked up to Potter as a kind of father figure, but I felt like the way he was acting was a bit overly childish, even for the more innocent character Radar had evolved into. And it didn't help that it seemed to escalate too quickly, since all it took to spark those feeling is Potter showing her around camp by himself. That didn't seem like anything out of the ordinary for the C.O. There were two other situations this reminded me of. The first being "Henry In Love," where he had more of a subtle push-back against Henry's affair, culminating in him calling Henry's wife. The second was "Mail Call Three," where he had a similar reaction to his mother dating another man. In that episode, while it was just as childish as this episode, I thought it was more understandable, because it was his mother, it was the first time she'd been with someone besides his father, and she had specifically said she was in a relationship with someone, instead of him assuming there was a possible relationship with someone, even before there was any real reason to assume there was one.

I did like the other stories a bit more. Hawkeye's obsession with BJ's name was a bit over-the-top, but it did produce a few really funny moments, like Hawkeye's guesses at his name, and the interview about BJ's favorite people, with even Charles joking along with him. And as brief as Margaret's story was, I did like her conversation with Lil, where she worries about becoming old and alone, now that she's separated from Donald.

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