What Are Your Other Favorite Shows?

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Re: What Are Your Other Favorite Shows?

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This is difficult for me, as I'm a Brit subjected to whatever the British TV decide that we are supposed to like! (Cynical? Moi? YES!)
M*A*S*H is the best comedy series to come out of the USA, in my view. I won't analyse why, cos if I knew the reason, I'd start to ignore it.
There have been several comedy series that have been popular in the U.K. but not with me, such as "Friends" & "Happy Days". I used to like "The Big Bang Theory", but it's now getting too repetitive.
I have to say that I'm more in tune with British stuff. I do know that "Red Dwarf" was a success in the former colonies, which I love, but it started to go downhill when Chloe Annett took on the role of Kochansky. I THINK the change was caused when the Grant - Naylor partnership split up.
The best ever comedy series to have been made in the U.K. are "Have I Got News For You" and "Drop the Dead Donkey" with "Mock the Week" bringing up the rear. You can also add "QI" and "They Think It's All Over" as well.
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Re: What Are Your Other Favorite Shows?

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M*A*S*H -- especially the early seasons, is definitely one of my all time favorites (I can watch Seasons 1-3 without ever getting tired of them).
Hogan's Heroes is another one I have watched over and over.
Andy Griffith Show is just a notch below those two -- I'm not sure that I have ever seen all the episodes of it.
Northern Exposure (I own entire series on DVD)
Mission Impossible
Babylon 5

Other shows that I have greatly enjoyed (but not something that I watch repeatedly, and in some cases would not even watch a second time):
All the various Star Trek series
Rockford Files
Magnum PI
WKRP in Cincinnati
X Files & The Lone Gunmen spinoff
A variety of British & Euro comedies and dramas (Foyle's War, As Time Goes By, Inspector Morse, Inspector Lewis, Endeavor, Good Neighbors, Fawlty Towers, The Killing)

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Re: What Are Your Other Favorite Shows?

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I'm a young adult, but a vintage soul!
Charlie's Angels (Sabrina's my fave!)
Hogan's Heroes (Started watching because of Bill Christopher standing in for Larry Hovis and got hooked!)
Green Acres (Mr. Haney's a hoot!)
Gilligan's Island (The Professor was the smartest, yet couldn't make a working raft? M*A*S*H was more believeable.)
Touched by an Angel (I'm a Christian and watched the show during a sad time in my life, and it's lessons really helped me recover. Andrew, played by John Dye, is the CUTEST angel of death ever!)
The only modern show I like is NCIS ( Mike Farrell starred in the last one! Cool!)
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