restored scenes

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restored scenes

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It didn't occur to me that a site like this (devoted to MASH) would exist, but it SHOULD have, I know...hoping to be brief, the first 71 episodes I don't know very well at watch list starts with ABYSSINIA,, watching WELCOME TO KOREA, I noticed a scene I'd never seen before; I thought I saw one or two others, in a different episode...I understand cutting scenes to make room for more commercials, but adding/lengthening scenes? I know FRIENDS has lotsa new bits, but I just started noticing them on MASH...What's the idea behind ADDING scenes?

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Re: restored scenes

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If im understanding ur question correctly then you have already answered it yourself. Scenes were cut for syndication. First runs have the full episodes intact. After the first airing scenes are cut and or shortened to present us with more dish soap commercials. Or in todays world more little pills that we have no idea whats actually in it but take it after u talk to ur doctor.

I am not aware of adding “NEW” scenes to MASH. As in a scene that was not in the original first run.

Example. Goodbye farewell amen. The first time i saw that was in the 1990s and their are several scenes that were cut out that night that i found on the dvd such as Col. Potter talking to Sofi. Hawkeye calling syndy and SOB for making him remember what happened. Most episodes run about 22 mins now and on dvd they are like 24 mins.

But i am not aware of any new scenes that were not shown in the first run that the directors literally cut out and tossed aside and being restored into todays DVDS. I wasn't alive when most of mash ran first runs but i would of herd about this by now from someone.

My guess is you have watched several times over tv airings and got the dvd or some other manner and started to see what syndication has left out. Thats normal for all tv shows.

Hope this helps😀

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Re: restored scenes

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Talk about missing scenes! Its unfortunate you have missed the first 3 seasons as they were by far the best with the original full cast and crew.. never too late to enjoy!

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