Mash Set Piece Sold at Smithsonian?

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Mash Set Piece Sold at Smithsonian?

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Marvelous M*A*S*H fans! I am a beginning collector of pieces from this great show! Recently I came across someone selling pieces of the actual set from the show. They said it was sold by the Smithsonian Museum after the M*A*S*H exhibit ended. I wanted to know if anyone can confirm this to be true. I see on the list of collectibles something titled Rosie's Bar / Supply (set piece - sold by Smithsonian). Does anyone know more about this piece? Also, I saw there was a set sold and I'm trying to locate one. I've attached a picture of the set I saw online. I love this group who supports the best show on tv!
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Re: Mash Set Piece Sold at Smithsonian?

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The Smithsonian gift shop sold pieces of wood taken from either Rosie's Bar or the supply building formerly located on the Stage 9 sound stage at the 20th Century Fox studio lot where interiors for M*A*S*H were filmed.

Here's a link to a recent eBay auction for one of the Smithsonian pieces of wood: ... 1812041554

I've seen many auctions on eBay from people claiming to be selling pieces of the M*A*S*H set that are usually much smaller than the chunks of wood the Smithsonian sold. There's no way of knowing whether these are fake or not.

Those action figures and ambulance are not an official set. Someone put the Tristar action figures and ambulance on an "Ultarama" action figure display stand with a homemade printed background. You can find the Tristar action figures and vehicles on eBay.

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