M*A*S*H Parody

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M*A*S*H Parody

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I recently found this on youtube. I wasn't actually looking for M*A*S*H stuff. I'm a fan of Red Dwarf and Chris Barrie in particular so was looking for his pre Red Dwarf stuff.

It's not very good to be honest, M*A*S*H is funnier, but I still thought it was interesting. The sketch is from the latter half of 1983, so many months after it finished in the USA but it was still showing on the BBC at the time. Incidentally, Goodbye, Farewell and Amen didn't air in the UK until December 1984


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Re: M*A*S*H Parody

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I once found a parody on YouTube that I can't find anymore that was M*A*S*H in pre-historic times, and the characters were all operating in caves. The only specifics I remember is Potter (who was played by SEINFELD co-creator Larry David) was the only character whose name wasn't Romanized (i.e., "Radarius"), and that Michael Richards (Kramer) was Klinger - which makes sense to me, I always saw similarities between Klinger and Kramer: both are known more by their last names that start with a K, both are swarthy, both have big noses, both are eccentric schemers. . . . It's hard not to see the similarities.

There was also a rather morbid and squicky parody from a Howard Stern show, in which Stern played Hawkeye, who was now running a successful plastic surgery practice - specializing in breast jobs. Larry Linvile actually reprised his role as Frank, and he apparently was Hawkeye's surgical partner, but I swear, throughout the entire skit (which consisted of things like Hawkeye sawing open a pair of breasts that were so long they were practically dangling to the floor), Larry just had this look of complete befuddlement like he had no idea what the hell was going on or why he was even there to begin with.

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