The 4 parts of MASH

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The 4 parts of MASH

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Part 1

The Stevenson Rogers years

What ive noticed the most about these years is that their was a load of comedy and the ahow was more comedy driven, with a few exceptions. This era of mash had not as mich seriousness to it as we would see in later episodes.

Part 2
The Morgan Farell pre-winchester years.

This era we see alot of the humor that the show started out with but it does start to lean more into the dramatic areas more so then the forst era. Hot lips really changes the most as she becomes margret and not hotlips. With klinger and father mulcahi being more promenet then in the first era gets the camp more rounded.

Part 3
The Stiers years pre goodbye radar

Having winchester the ahow gets more serious. Their is still a lot of himor but in comparison to the first era the humor has gone down quiet a bit. This is the era we really start to see the show awitch from a half hour comedy/dram to more of a dram/comedy.

Part 4
The day klinger stoped wearing dresses. Post Burgoff years.

At this point to the end we really see the ahow become more of a hlaf hour drama with a touch of comedy. The show takes on a lot more serious issues and really drives home the truth about war and the consequences more ao then the reat of the series. The characters have really grown and shaped before our eyes at this point. No more dresses or hotlips like in previous eras.


By the time the show ended most felt they have done it all and wanted to move on. A few wanted to continue the show so we got after mash. The downside of after mash is that it was canceled. What happened to hawkeye? How much of a nurse chasing quick wit guy changed when he went home? Alot of speculation could be made and you can fantasize all day long about the days and years after the war. But the fact is. Had the full cast come back and been behind AfterMash it could of went on for quite a while. Did hawkeye ever meet up with trapper? Would they want to meet each other for a reunion?

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