Favorite Thing

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Favorite Thing

Post by BeccaLeo1972 »

What is your favorite thing about each Mash character?

Hawkeye- sense of humor
Trapper- honesty
Henry- genuine
Frank- his smile
B.J- morals
Radar- loyalty
Klinger- perseverance
Margaret- good soul
Potter- down to earth
Charles- compassion
Father Mulcahy- faith

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Re: Favorite Thing

Post by RJ »

Hawkeye - compassion
Trapper - wisecracks
Henry - easygoing nature
Frank - lack of chin
B.J. - love for family
Radar - skill
Klinger - imagination
Margaret - dedication
Potter - knowledge
Charles - secret kindness
Father Mulcahy - his jocularity

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Re: Favorite Thing

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Hawkeye - The witty one liners that he seemed to have an endless supply of
Trapper - Taking his work seriously
Henry - His humor and ability to be one of the guys
Frank - That laugh! It's hysterical!
B.J. - Dedicate to his job, his family, and his principles.
Radar - He's very relatable, especially my younger self.
Klinger - Running around in dresses
Margaret - Legs. That's pretty much it.
Potter - He seems like the kind of grandfather you wish you had
Charles - Uhh . . . his Boston Bull COULD actually be funny, if only because of David Ogden Stiers's delivery
Father Mulcahy - He just wants to be of use to other people

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