Contacts for Bert Allen & David Haber

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Contacts for Bert Allen & David Haber

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I am in the process of reproducing the mash camp in a 3d computer model for use inside virtual reality. I had been studying and recording features of the camp and would like to correspond with the art director or set decorator of the show. I have done some basic googling looking on LinkedIn or facebook but can't find contact information for either
David M. Haber the Art Director
Bertrand Allen the Set Decorator

From my personal preference I am building the camp starting from season 5. The countless DVDs and screen captures I get are more than sufficient to build the camp. I'm starting with the exterior camp. And as time permits reproduce the studio set camp too.

I really don't need technical information from them. I'm letting the footage be my source I'm not going to create something that didn't actually appear in the television series. I would thoroughly enjoy just chatting with them as to why and what they did as far as physically moving the characters the sets the equipment and dealing with the weather of the exterior camp.

Any published interviews or commentary from these two would be wonderful to read. I bought a couple of books but don't see a lot of detail from them

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