Anyone having problems with the DVDs?

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Anyone having problems with the DVDs?

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We've talked about the various M*A*S*H DVDs (the individual seasons and the complete series collection) a few times over the year. Back in January 2013 in this thread there was a discussion about having a backup set of DVDs in case discs get scratched or otherwise stopped working properly. At least one person said they already had some scratched discs.

Well, over the past few months I've noticed that quite a few episodes don't play correctly on my computer. Scenes will freeze and then the video will jump ahead. If I go back and try to play the scene again sometimes it will play correctly or will freeze in a slightly different time. The discs don't look badly scratched but that may not matter. I also sometimes have issues moving around within an episode.

Are other people having these sorts of problems? I use my M*A*S*H DVDs for more than just casual viewing -- reviewing episodes, looking for images, checking credits and dialogue, etc. -- so it may be that they're getting heavier use than they otherwise would. I've started watching the occasional episode on Netflix when possible to ease up on the DVDs but the quality on Netflix isn't high enough for grabbing images.

Right now I see the Martinis and Medicine Complete Collection available at Amazon for $159.99. That's a lot more than I want to pay for a backup set. Buying the individual season sets would actually be cheaper at just $130 (plus $16 for the standalone Goodbye, Farewell & Amen set with bonus features) but even that is too high for a backup. I think $75 would be the most I would want to pay.

Thoughts? I've never had to deal with this particular problem with other DVD sets that I rarely watch and thus are in much better shape (DVD rot is probably a bigger concern long term).

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Re: Anyone having problems with the DVDs?

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I think the problem lies with your computer - it's nothing to be overly concerned about, but just about any video player you use (Windows Media Player, VLC Player, RealPlayer, Quicktime, etc.) is going to glitch on you from time to time: they just do, they're not perfect.

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