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Re: Who do you like more.....

Posted: Fri May 03, 2019 5:28 am
by JocularityGirl
Here's my take on this...
1. BJ vs. Trapper
I prefer BJ :bj2: to Trapper. :trapper:
Since MASH is a show full of extra-marital affairs and Hawkeye's many girlfriends, what I'm about to write will surprise and maybe annoy some people, but this is my opinion: I enjoy MASH for the comedy such as the religious humor that Mulcahy used a lot and William Christopher did so wonderfully, or for the slapstick comedy such Frank or Colonel Flagg getting a much-needed comeuppance, not so much for the woman-chasing, which is the only off-putting part of the show, in my opinion. Since Beej was faithful for the most part and Trap wasn't, it's Beej over Trap for me.
2. Frank vs.Winchester
I prefer Frank :frank: to Winchester :charles:.
I detest Frank's adultery. If he wasn't married or if he and Margaret were just close friends that happened to be of the opposite gender, it'd be perfect. Now, he is a much more dislikable character than Charles. Charles was a good guy at heart, it just took a lot to get him to show it. Frank was just mean because he WAS mean, and thus is the better foil for Hawk.
3. Blake vs. Potter
I prefer Potter :potter: to Blake :henry:.
Henry was a nice guy, but not that much of a leader, in my opinion. Radar mostly did all the work for him while he played golf or cheated on Lorraine. Potter was a good leader, a father-figure to the other staff, and most importantly to me, was faithful to Mildred.
So, these are my picks.