Favorite Character?

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Favorite Character?

Post by mfan »

Who is your favorite character from M*A*S*H? http://www.logicnation.com/nationpage/1198

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Re: Favorite Character?

Post by 5'O'clockcharlie »

Wow this a hard question just because M*A*S*H has such great characters even the annoying ones like Frank. I would have to say Colonel Potter because he was really the glue that kept everyone together in the last couple seasons. I always hear a lot from other fans he reminds them of there Grandpa. I wouldn't say that was so about me. But he's like a father figure to everyone in M*A*S*H and its beautiful .. You see this theme a lot with Hawkeye and Margaret. It makes me tear up when Margaret says goodbye to Colonel Potter in Goodbye, Farewell and amen. :potter:

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Re: Favorite Character?

Post by Grove17 »

I really liked Henry Blake, Radar, and of course Hawkeye. Hawkeye for the obvious reasons. Radar reminds me of what my grandfather would have been like in WW2, his looks and personality just remind me of him. Henry Blake because he was so fun loving, always was up for a good time. He was just one of the guys basically without the "regular army" approach of Co. Potter. I don't dislike any characters with my least favorite being Houlihan. She yells just about every line she has and gets annoying to me. In lower lever characters I really don't like Nurse Kelly, she was just winy and I cant stand her.
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Re: Favorite Character?

Post by Big Daddy O'Reilly »

My favorite character was Squeaky the Skunk Ghost.

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Re: Favorite Character?

Post by kkt »

It really depends... favorite to watch on TV, probably Hawkeye. But I wouldn't want to bunk with him.

Favorite to share a tent with, B.J.

Favorite to be my boss, Potter. Unless I were his clerk, in which case Blake. :mrgreen:

Favorite doctor to treat me if I were wounded with an ordinary combat injury when MASH was busy, Hawkeye. But if it wasn't busy or if the wound were something more exotic, Charles.

Favorite to be a girlfriend, Nurse Margie Cutler from Season 1.

Favorite to be my clerk if I needed something, Radar.

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Re: Favorite Character?

Post by JocularityGirl »

Father Mulcahy, hands down!! :mulcahy: With Flagg as a close second! :lol:
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Re: Favorite Character?

Post by Ferret Face »

My favorite would be Charles. He's such a wonderfully dynamic character. His snobby arrogance, his ability to dish out insults and play pranks on the other characters all lead to great comedy. On the other hand, he has his own strengths that help him be more admirable than Frank was, and more than he initially appears to be. He's a great surgeon, despite having a hard time conforming with meatball surgery. He has his own moral code, which may not always align with our own, but gives him his shining moments (i.e. sticking up for Margaret when Colonel Baldwin wants him to lie). And while he may be the most reluctant to change, he's actually open to it when the situation calls for it. There are a good number of times he's humbled by a situation. And it helps that he has the most consistently great set of dramatic episodes IMO.

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Re: Favorite Character?

Post by Hermione_Granger »

Dr. Sydney Freedman

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Re: Favorite Character?

Post by BeccaLeo1972 »

I don't have a favorite character as i like something about each one on the series. Even Frank who was hard to take at times. I will say that when it comes to the nurses Margaret, Bigelow, and Kellye are the best.

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Re: Favorite Character?

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Re: Favorite Character?

Post by aussiemashfan »

Charles - such a unique character, much more depth than Burns, thank god they didnt treat the character the same way they did Burns as well, this gave the show more options when it came to storylines.

in the earlier episode - Cnl Blake. He's me all over, easy going, not quite sure how he got into his commanding role, but he just roles along with life anyway.

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Re: Favorite Character?

Post by DougBugher »

While I have two main characters who did little for me, all others play pivotal roles, so I am hard-pressed to choose one. But if I had to, it may be Major Sidney Theodore Freedman. While only appearing in 12 episodes, I appreciated what aspect of the war he addressed. With the doctors addressing the body, and Father Mulcahy addressing the soul, spirit, or whatever term you are comfortable with, it was Sigmund F, I mean Sidney Freedman who addressed the mind. Whether he was conversing with Jesus Christ in the form of Captain Chandler, or writing a letter to Freud, it was awesome to watch him have Hawkeye unfold a demon in "Bless You, Hawkeye."

It reminds me of an experience I had conversing with high school students last year. Upon sitting down with four youth in detention, within a few moments I was asked by one of them if I was a Counselor. It was a joy sharing with him that while I did not have a degree in counseling, thus not having a certification hanging on a wall, but the one thing professional counselors and sincere friends have in common is that they ask the right questions. It then is incumbent upon the patient/friend to answer the questions honestly.

With Hawkeye incessantly sneezing, Sidney asked the right questions leading Hawkeye to reveal the real reason why he nearly drowned in the nearby pond of his youth. With the truth revealed, the sneezing stopped.

Sidney always seem to ask the right questions, a favorite tendency of mine.

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Re: Favorite Character?

Post by J Fred Muggs »

This question reminds me why I like MASH so much. Almost every character has moments that I love…sometimes funny, sometimes poignant, sometimes endearing. I can't really pick a favorite.

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