Our Finest Hour - VHS Version

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Our Finest Hour - VHS Version

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It's Dalton here (D_47 is my onlie tag for loads of stuff).

Anyways, my question is for anyone who has the Columbia House VHS version of "Our Finest Hour". The DVD version is obviously the syndicated edit, and is in rough shape. My question however is about the closing credits. The closing theme from that episode is the ONLY time an instrumental version of the main title was used on the show (not including the cast roll calls during the early years, which had names read over the music). In the DVD (syndicated) version, the closing credits music is in horrible quality, and I was wondering if the VHS version's credits were in just as rough condition in terms of audio quality.


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Re: Our Finest Hour - VHS Version

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All I know about the theme used during the end titles of that episode was that apparently, it's an extended version of the Season Seven theme in PAL format (meaning it's played 4% faster).

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