Looks Like M*A*S*H is Back on Hallmark Channel... AGAIN

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Looks Like M*A*S*H is Back on Hallmark Channel... AGAIN

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As of today (July 30), they're playing a marathon of the first fourteen episodes from Season One; I've tried checking their schedule, but it doesn't appear to be working properly right now, so I'm unsure as to whether this marathon is for a special occasion (not sure what the occasion would be at the end of July), or if the show's coming back to their lineup regularly again.

EDIT: Oh gee, can you believe it: not only have they sped up the main titles, but it would seem they've cut out even more, and these episodes are already really butchered up enough in syndication. Of course, I did hear a while back that half-hour shows were going to be shortened again from 21 minutes to 18 1/2 minutes. Lemme tell you, as someone who does most of his own writing, it's hard enough just trying to cram 21 minutes worth of content in a script and have it all flow smoothly and make sense, but 18 1/2 minutes is going to be impossible!

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