"The Party" (7x26) Plothole

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"The Party" (7x26) Plothole

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I wanted to get the opinions of you guys around here...

I'm pretty sure I've found a plothole in "The Party" (7x26): for starts, B.J. has a spinal patient that he's very worried about, the patient apparently had been in Post-Op since the last stint in surgery, and when they have to bug out, he's concerned about transporting the patient, because any sudden movement may permanently damage his spinal cord; after they arrive at their new location, the patient's signs turn up worse, so Potter arranges for the patient to be air lifting to the 121st evac hospital the next day so the neurosurgeon can take care of him.

Now, here's where things get confusing...

The beginning of act two mentions that the new camp has really taken shape, "After three endless weeks", when suddenly, they're given word to bug out again, and return to their original location in Uijongbu; once they finally start getting the 4077th re-established at their original location, Radar informs B.J. that the neurosurgeon just operated on his spinal patient, and that he's going to be alright.

Now then, if the patient was in such critical condition, and needed attention immediately, what in the world did they do with him for three weeks? If he needed surgery right away, why did they wait for three weeks?

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Re: "The Party" (7x26) Plothole

Post by TrapperJoe »

Three weeks is a little much :P

Good call Big Daddy!

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Re: "The Party" (7x26) Plothole

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Maybe he got an infection and was too sick to have the op. :P

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Re: "The Party" (7x26) Plothole

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Good catch I just watched that episode and didn't even think of that until reading this!
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