I JUST Now Noticed This...

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I JUST Now Noticed This...

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After six years of watching M*A*S*H almost nonstop, I JUST now noticed something unusual about the main titles that I've never noticed before...

During the brief sequence of medics, corpsmen, and nurses, etc, running up to the helipad, there's a corpsman running up who looks almost exactly like Hawkeye... in fact, if you didn't knowany better, you'd might think it was Hawkeye, but it couldn't be, considering he's already up on the helipad, in his Hawaiian shirt and his weird fishing hat; but still, I mean this guy has the black hair, in the same 'do Hawkeye sports all eleven years.

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Re: I JUST Now Noticed This...

Post by Dan »

Im not sure but maybe it is Goldman. But im not sure if he was on the show when they filmed the openeing credits.

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