Season 11 Episode Guide

236 – “Hey, Look Me Over” (11×01)
October 25th, 1982

Hawkeye must re-evaluate how he sees the nurses at the 4077th after he observes Nurse Kellye comforting a dying soldier, while Margaret gains an iron hand when a Colonel come to inspect the nurses.

237 – “Trick or Treatment” (11×02)
November 1st, 1982

The war interrupts the camp’s Halloween party, as wounded are brought in. Charles must also deal with a Marine who got a pool ball stuck in his mouth, Father Mulcahy brings a dead soldier back to life, and the camp tells spooky stories.

238 – “Foreign Affairs” (11×03)
November 8th, 1982

While Charles becomes infatuated with a French nurse who has a past unacceptable of the Winchester name, the Army attempts to coerce a North Korean pilot into defecting.

239 – “The Joker is Wild” (11×04)
November 15th, 1982

After B.J. threatens to pull the greatest practical joke the camp has ever seen, Hawkeye tries to prepare, outsmart, and avoid being the butt of the joke.

240 – “Who Knew?” (11×05)
November 22nd, 1982

When a nurse he dated is killed, Hawkeye offers to give the eulogy only to discover nobody knew anything about her. Ultimately, after reading her dairy, Hawkeye learns about a shy nurse who was in awe of the 4077th and in love with him.

241 – “Bombshells” (11×06)
November 29th, 1982

B.J. and Hawkeye attempt to prove that anyone can be tricked into believing anything, so they start a rumor that Marilyn Monroe will be visiting the camp. On a more somber note, B.J. is distraught when he must leave a wounded soldier behind to be killed while escaping with his own life, and even more so when he gets a Purple Heart for it.

242 – “Settling Debts” (11×07)
December 6th, 1982

After Mildred pays the last of the mortgages on the Potter’s house, the 4077th decides to throw a surprise party for Colonel Potter.

243 – “The Moon is Not Blue” (11×08)
December 13th, 1982

Hawkeye and B.J. attempt to get their hands on a risqué movie that will boost the morale of the 4077th, which is facing a heat wave, medical shortage, and the fear of prohibition being instituted.

244 – “Run For the Money” (11×09)
December 20th, 1982

Father Mulcahy is forced to run in a footrace against the 8063rd when the Olympic runner Klinger said had been assigned to the 4077th turned out to be his son, who wasn’t in shape.

245 – “The U.N., the Night, and the Music” (11×10)
January 3rd, 1983

Three United Nations representatives, a British officer, a Swedish officer, and a Hindu officer, visit the 4077th.

246 – “Strange Bedfellows” (11×11)
January 10th, 1983

Colonel Potter must face the facts, his son-in-law has been cheating on his wife, while Hawkeye and B.J. can’t sleep due to Charles’ constant snoring.

247 – “Say No More” (11×12)
January 24th, 1983

Margaret is distraught when she comes down with laryngitis right before she would meet Dr. Chesler, who is her hero, while an officer is unable to accept the realization that war games he put together have fatally wounded his son.

248 – “Friends and Enemies” (11×13)
February 7th, 1983

Colonel Potter must make a tough decision, call out an old friend who is costing soldiers their lives, or live with himself if he doesn’t.

249 – “Give and Take” (11×14)
February 14th, 1983

After he befriends an enemy soldier whom he has mortally wounded, a wounded GI must face the fact that he killed a man for wanting a warm pair of shoes.

250 – “As Time Goes By” (11×15)
February 21st, 1983

Margaret and Hawkeye put together a time capsule full of memories from the years they spent in Korea, a testament for future generations to look back upon.

251 – “Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen” (11×16)
February 28th, 1983

The war is almost over, but casualties still come in, and Hawkeye is being treated by Sidney Freedman after he has a nervous breakdown. An enemy tank crashes into the compound, Charles comes across some Chinese musicians whom he befriends, and B.J. tries to get home in time for Erin’s birthday.

However, he is sent back, and Hawkeye returns as well. Everyone is overjoyed when the war finally is declared over, but saddened that they will be separated. They all say their good-byes, ending with a final emotional goodbye between Hawkeye and B.J., before Hawkeye climbs aboard the chopper taking him home, and leaves, seeing the GOODBYE B.J. wrote for him in stones.

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