Season 10 Episode Guide

215 – “That’s Show Biz” (10×01)
October 26th, 1981

A USO show comes to the 4077th, bringing excitement and fun, at least until one of the stars of the show is in need of an emergency operation.

NOTE: Originally aired as a one-hour show; split into two parts for syndication.

216 – “Identity Crisis” (10×02)
November 2nd, 1981

B.J. and Charles try to keep a soldier who doubles as a salesman from disturbing the patients and the doctors, while Father Mulcahy deals with a soldier wracked with guilt after he changed dogtags with a fallen comrade.

217 – “Rumor At The Top” (10×03)
November 9th, 1981

A rumor is spun out of proportion, leading members of the 4077th to believe a visiting officer is putting together a new M*A*S*H unit, which would mean the group would no doubt be split up.

218 – “Give ’em Hell, Hawkeye” (10×04)
November 16th, 1981

Hawkeye writes to Harry Truman trying to end the war, and everyone else works to pretty up the camp so they can get a water heater from a colonel who would only deliver it if the came looks better.

219 – “Wheelers and Dealers” (10×05)
November 23rd, 1981

B.J. is upset when he learns that Peg is working as a waitress, feeling he should be the provider for the family, and Colonel Potter must take driving lessons from Klinger.

220 – “Communication Breakdown” (10×06)
November 30th, 1981

When newspapers from back home are scarce, Charles’ private collection makes him the envy and the animosity of the camp, while Hawkeye brings together two Korean brothers, who fighting for the North Koreans, one for the South Koreans.

221 – “Snap Judgement (Part I of II)” (10×07)
December 7th, 1981

After Klinger buys a camera on the black market that was stolen from Hawkeye, he is arrested and charged with the theft of other things stolen from the 4077th.

222 – “Snappier Judgement (Part II of II)” (10×08)
December 14th, 1981

Hawkeye and B.J. must work to clear Klinger’s name when it becomes apparent his defense, Charles, won’t help him.

223 – “Twas the Day After Christmas” (10×09)
December 28th, 1981

Colonel Potter comes up with a plan to keep the holiday spirits high after Christmas; have the enlisted men and the officers switch jobs for a day.

224 – “Follies of the Living – Concerns of the Dead” (10×10)
January 4th, 1982

Klinger, running a high fever, is able to communicate with the spirit of the late Private Weston, who stays to see his own last rites.

225 – “The Birthday Girls” (10×11)
January 11th, 1982

Margaret has her birthday ruined when the jeep she is riding in, driven by Klinger, is damaged and they are left at the side of the road, so Klinger tries to raise her spirits. Back at the 4077th, Charles must give a lecture Margaret was supposed to give, and Hawkeye and the other doctors help deliver a calf.

226 – “Blood and Guts” (10×12)
January 18th, 1982

War correspondent Clayton Kibbee stops by the 4077th, and Hawkeye is outraged at the way he portrays dangerous acts pulled by some of the soldiers as heroic deeds.

227 – “A Holy Mess” (10×13)
February 1st, 1982

Father Mulcahy is unprepared when a soldier seeks sanctuary in the 4077th’s church, the mess tent, which fouls up the plans of the 4077th to have a Sunday brunch.

228 – “The Tooth Shall Set You Free” (10×14)
February 8th, 1982

Charles turns out to be afraid of going to a dentist, even when he develops a painful toothache. Meanwhile, after noticing a large number of black casualties from one unit, the doctors think prejudice from that unit’s commanding officer.

229 – “Pressure Points” (10×15)
February 15th, 1982

Colonel Potter has lost faith in his surgical aptitude, so he calls Sidney Freedman, and Charles has finally had enough with the way Hawkeye and B.J. keep the Swamp so messy.

230 – “Where There’s a Will, There’s a War” (10×16)
February 22nd, 1982

Hawkeye writes a will after being sent to help out at an aid station that comes under intense shelling. He leaves various things to his friends at the 4077th and others.

231 – “Promotion Commotion” (10×17)
March 1st, 1982

The doctors must decide which of the enlisted men most deserve a promotion, but some of the enlisted are more adamant about getting their promotion than others.

232 – “Heroes” (10×18)
March 15th, 1982

After treating the well-known boxer “Gentleman” Joe Cavanaugh, whom Father Mulcahy idolized somewhat, Hawkeye must deal with being thrust into the limelight of various press publications.

233 – “Sons and Bowlers” (10×19)
March 22nd, 1982

The 4077th holds a bowling competition against some Marines, but Hawkeye isn’t in the spirit, as he is waiting for word from the States on how his father is doing after an operation.

234 – “Picture This” (10×20)
April 5th, 1982

Colonel Potter almost goes off his rocker with rage when he is unable to get his officers to settle down for a sitting so he can paint a portrait of them.

235 – “That Darn Kid” (10×21)
April 12th, 1982

Klinger’s goat ate the payroll, which was Hawkeye’s responsibility, meaning he’ll have to foot the bill for the replacement money, after the officer sent to check out the story doesn’t believe the goat eat the money.

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