Season 8 Episode Guide

170 – “Too Many Cooks” (8×01)
September 17th, 1979

The 4077th is delighted when they are treated to well-cooked meals instead of the usual drivel they get. The reason for this good eating? A soldier who wishes to thank the doctors for operating on him. Colonel Potter, meanwhile, is too busy worrying over a personal problem to notice the fine cuisine, which Hawkeye and B.J. try to make a permanent addition to the camp.

171 – “Are You Now, Margaret?” (8×02)
September 24th, 1979

While at first glance the Congressional aide who drops by the 4077th appears friendly and on a simple look over of the camp, things aren’t always as they appear, and the motives of the aide are soon found out for what they really are.

172 – “Guerilla My Dreams” (8×03)
October 1st, 1979

Once again Hawkeye must go up against authority in order to help a patient, this time a wounded Korean woman. While Hawkeye is intent on taking care of her, a ROK officer is more concerned with any information she may have concerning guerillas.

173 – “Goodbye Radar (Part I of II)” (8×04)
October 9th, 1979

Radar returns from R&R in Tokyo to find the 4077th without a generator, and greatly in need of his unique talents to get them another one, after Klinger failed in his quest. Radar is also unable to find one, and then he is informed by Colonel Potter that his Uncle Ed has passed away, and he will be given a hardship discharge and sent home.

174 – “Goodbye Radar (Part II of II)” (8×05)
October 15th, 1979

Radar decides he doesn’t want to leave the 4077th, as he is the only one keeping them together, which outrages Hawkeye. Eventually Radar decides that his place is at home, after a talk with Colonel Potter, and the camp plans a big going-away party, but it is ruined when wounded arrive. Radar says goodbye to everyone, and Hawkeye gives him a salute from the OR.

175 – “Period of Adjustment” (8×06)
October 22nd, 1979

Now that Radar is gone, Klinger is company clerk, but he can’t seem to do anything right. The daily reports are backed up for weeks, his office and Colonel Potter’s are both messes, and he loses a requisition. Meanwhile, B.J. gets a letter from Peg informing him that she met Radar at the airport, and that when Erin first saw him she called him Daddy. This gets B.J. depressed, so he and Klinger get drunk.

176 – “Nurse Doctor” (8×07)
October 29th, 1979

After he begins to help her study medical texts, Father Mulcahy finds that the ambitious and pretty Nurse Harris has the wrong idea about their relationship. She wants to be a doctor when the war is over, and he was helping her out. Meanwhile, the rest of the camp is without water after the 4077th’s water supply runs dry.

177 – “Private Finance” (8×08)
November 5th, 1979

After he gives a young Korean woman some money to get back on her feet, Klinger is accused by the girl’s mother of wanting the wrong thing, and Hawkeye is left trying to figure out what to do after he made a promise to a dying soldier.

178 – “Mr. and Mrs. Who?” (8×09)
November 12th, 1979

After some R&R in Tokyo, Charles comes back to the Swamp with both a raging hangover and the nagging feeling in the back of his head that something is amiss. As it turns out, he got married! The rest of the camp, in the meantime, wrestles with a lethal epidemic of hemorrhagic fever.

179 – “The Yalu Brick Road” (8×10)
November 19th, 1979

On their way back to the 4077th, Hawkeye and B.J. get lost, and begin to wander about, hoping to find their way back to camp with desperately needed antibiotics before they’re found by North Koreans. Unfortunately for them, a North Korean soldier does come upon them, but he isn’t your everyday, run-of-the-mill soldier…

180 – “Life Time” (8×11)
November 26th, 1979

In one of the most unique episodes of the series, this episode is almost completely shown in “real time”, meaning all the action and drama that we see on screen happens without a break in time, from the first scene to the last. A soldier needs a major operation to save his life, and the 4077th has roughly 20 minutes before they must perform the operation. At the same time, another soldier lies dying, and his aorta could provide a needed graft for the other soldier. Hawkeye and the other doctors work to keep the first soldier alive while waiting for the other to die.

181 – “Dear Uncle Abdul” (8×12)
December 3rd, 1979

Klinger tries to find time to write a letter to his uncle while at the same time doing everything for just about everyone, seeing as he is company clerk. The doctors, meanwhile, are perturbed by a soldier who seems to be mentally challenged, meaning there is a chance he shouldn’t have been let into the army.

182 – “Captains Outrageous” (8×13)
December 10th, 1979

Hawkeye and the other doctors take turns bartending at Rosie’s, after Rosie is left in the hospital in injuries resulting from a bar fight while Father Mulcahy yet again waits to see if he will be promoted or not.

183 – “Stars and Stripes” (8×14)
December 17th, 1979

After they jointly saved the life of a wounded soldier, B.J. and Charles are asked to write an article on the operation for Stars and Stripes, but their egos won’t let them work well together. Margaret, meanwhile, is surprised to get a visit from Scully, a frontline soldier.

184 – “Yessir, That’s Our Baby” (8×15)
December 31st, 1979

After a baby is found abandoned at the 4077th, born to an American soldier and a Korean woman, the camp attempts to find the baby a new home, one where mixed heritage won’t be a problem.

185 – “Bottle Fatigue” (8×16)
January 7th, 1980

Hawkeye, upset that his bar tab at the Officer’s Club is so high, decides to give up drinking for one week, while Charles does his best to stop his sister from marrying a man who he doesn’t thnk deserves Winchester legacy.

186 – “Heal Thyself” (8×17)
January 14th, 1980

After Colonel Potter is stricken with the mumps, and then Charles, a replacement surgeon is called in. Newsome, the replacement surgeon, is both a roundabout nice guy and a fantastic doctor.

187 – “Old Soldiers” (8×18)
January 21st, 1980

After a mysterious trip to Tokyo, Colonel Potter returns to the 4077th somewhat depressed, but nobody can figure out why, until Potter calls his officers into his tent and shares a toast with them to his buddies from an earlier war who have passed away. While Potter was in Tokyo, Hawkeye was in charge, and he was forced to deal with a group of South Koreans, made up of mostly children, in need of medical attention.

188 – “Morale Victory” (8×19)
January 28th, 1980

Hawkeye and B.J. are given the job of morale officers, and they set about boosting the camp’s morale. Charles, meanwhile, is distressed when a soldier whose leg he saved is depressed upon learning he has lost his right hand’s dexterity. The soldier was a concert pianist before the war. Attempting to set things right, Charles sends for piano music that was written by a soldier who lost his arm during the first World War.

189 – “Lend a Hand” (8×20)
February 4th, 1980

Hawkeye is upset when he learns that the 4077th is setting up a surprise birthday party for him, so he volunteers to go to an aid station at the front, but he isn’t so thrilled when he finds out Doctor Borelli will tag along.

190 – “Goodbye, Cruel World” (8×21)
February 11th, 1980

After he decorates his quarters/office, and is laughed at for his choice in decoration, Klinger gets depressed and triples his attempts to get out of the army. Meanwhile, an Asian-American war hero tries to kill himself after he learns he’ll be sent home, so Sidney is called in.

191 – “Dreams” (8×22)
February 18th, 1980

After 48 hours with little sleep, the 4077th is greatly fatigued, and the few hours of fitful sleep they can catch are filled with dreams of the war, revealing their fears and feelings of lack of fulfillment.

192 – “War Co-Respondent” (8×23)
March 3rd, 1980

B.J.’s loyalty to his wife is tested when he begins to feel things for a correspondent from the States who has fallen for him.

193 – “Back Pay” (8×24)
March 10th, 1980

After he learns that surgeons back home are raking in the dough, Hawkeye sends the US army a bill for services rendered, while Charles is forced to show three Korean doctors a medical procedure, but they end up healing him with a folk remedy he doesn’t believe will work.

194 – “April Fools” (8×25)
March 24th, 1980

Colonel Potter warns the 4077th to not do anything wacky on April Fools’ Day, seeing as a strict colonel is coming for a visit.

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