Season 7 Episode Guide

145 – “Commander Pierce” (7×01)
September 18th, 1978

After taking charge of the 4077th in Colonel Potter’s absence, Hawkeye gains newfound respect for the Colonel, when he begins to understand what it is like to be in charge.

146 – “Peace On Us” (7×02)
September 25th, 1978

Upset that the so-called peace talks in Panmunjon, Hawkeye decides that it’s time to do something about it, and drives over to the talks to see what he can do.

147 – “Lil” (7×03)
October 2nd, 1978

After his boss finds a friend in Colonel Lil Raybron, the head nurse to the Eighth Army who is his age and also regular army, Radar begins to suspect that Colonel Potter has more than friendship in mind, and reacts accordingly.

148 – “Our Finest Hour” (7×04)
October 9th, 1978

Clete Roberts makes a return visit to the 4077th to update the folks at home on how the Korean War is going.

NOTE: Originally aired as a one-hour show; split into two parts for syndication.

149 – “The Billfold Syndrome” (7×05)
October 16th, 1978

After getting a letter from the States informing him that he was turned down for a medical position he wanted to take up after the war was over, Charles is so upset he stops talking to anyone, at least until Hawkeye and B.J. fake a telegram. Meanwhile, when a soldier is unable to recall who he is, Sidney Freedman is called in.

150 – “None Like It Hot” (7×06)
October 23rd, 1978

After the heat at the 4077th becomes almost unbearable, Klinger decides to dress in a rubber suit and fur coat, Hawkeye and B.J. get a portable bathtub which they’ll use to beat the heat, but things get out of hand when the rest of the camp gets word of the wonderful device, and soon everyone wants a turn.

151 – “They Call the Wind Korea” (7×07)
October 30th, 1978

With a strong windstorm threatening the camp, everyone begins to batten down the proverbial hatches, while Radar worries about his animals and does his best to prepare them for the oncoming storm, and Charles is forced to change his travel plans to Tokyo from a chopper to ground, and while on his way to Seoul encounters a medical emergency.

152 – “Major Ego” (7×08)
November 6th, 1978

After he revives a patient with heart massage, Charles’ ego gets a large boost, and things just get worse when a writer for the Stars & Stripes magazine comes to write an article about Charles’ skills.

153 – “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” (7×09)
November 13th, 1978

With the temperature freezing, the camp has to deal not only with wounded soldiers suffering from hypothermia, but also Charles’ new polar suit, which keeps him warm, and everyone else disgusted.

154 – “Point of View” (7×10)
November 20th, 1978

In one of the show’s most unique episodes, the episode is shot as if the camera were the eyes of a wounded soldier. Everything he sees, the camera sees, from the battle in which he was wounded to his recovery in Post-Op.

155 – “Dear Comrade” (7×11)
November 27th, 1978

After they find out Charles has a Korean servant doing all his chores for him, Hawkeye and B.J. are even more astounded when the man has a local cure for a medical ailment they can’t solve.

156 – “Out of Gas” (7×12)
December 4th, 1978

After a deluge of wounded arrive, Father Mulcahy starts a collection so he can go buy needed penthohal from black marketers. Charles insists on going along in the jeep after his case of wine is “donated” to the cause.

157 – “An Eye For a Tooth” (7×13)
December 11th, 1978

After he reads about a rapidly rising chopper pilot whose heroic feats get him promoted, Father Mulcahy decides he should do the same, since he is passed up for promotion again and again.

158 – “Dear Sis” (7×14)
December 18th, 1978

Father Mulcahy writes his sister, telling her of his feelings of uselessness, which reflect the general feeling of the 4077th, who aren’t looking forward to spending the holiday season (Christmas) away from home.

159 – “B.J. Papa San” (7×15)
January 1st, 1979

Hawkeye worries over B.J. when he becomes something of a surrogate father to a Korean family, who become a replacement for his family back home.

160 – “Inga” (7×16)
January 8th, 1979

Hawkeye falls for a stunning Swedish doctor who arrives at the 4077th to observe their “meatball surgery”. However, after she is able to upstage him in the OR, Hawkeye gets his ego thrashed.

161 – “The Price” (7×17)
January 15th, 1979

Sophie disappears, and Hawkeye and B.J. have their hands full with a Korean boy who is trying to keep from being conscripted into the Korean army.

162 – “The Young and the Restless” (7×18)
January 22nd, 1979

The surgeons at the 4077th realize that being in Korea has knocked them out of the loop, medically speaking, when a surgeon from Tokyo comes and shows them the latest techniques.

163 – “Hot Lips Is Back In Town” (7×19)
January 29th, 1979

Margaret is overjoyed to be divorced from Colonel Penobscot, and Radar pursues a new nurse with Hawkeye’s help.

164 – “C*A*V*E” (7×20)
February 5th, 1979

After they bug out to a nearby cave, Colonel Potter discovers that Hawkeye is claustrophobic, and is unable to stay inside the cave, which is their protection from a US artillery barrage on the Chinese.

165 – “Rally Round The Flagg, Boys” (7×21)
February 14th, 1979

Colonel Flagg comes for a visit, this time with the notion that Hawkeye is commiserating with the enemy.

166 – “Preventive Medicine” (7×22)
February 19th, 1979

After the wounded begin to increase, Hawkeye decides to remove the appendix of the person responsible for the increase, a Colonel Lacy. B.J. protests the operation, but Hawkeye goes through with it anyway.

167 – “A Night a Rosie’s” (7×23)
February 26th, 1979

Hawkeye, B.J., and half the camp decide to take up residence at Rosie’s Bar, which raises the ire of Colonel Potter.

168 – “Ain’t Love Grand” (7×24)
March 5th, 1979

Charles falls for a young Korean girl, and Klinger is stunned to meet a nurse who is attracted to his wacky ways and outfits.

169 – “The Party” (7×25)
March 12th, 1979

B.J. thinks up a state-side party for relatives of the 4077th, and continues to put together the plans even while bugging out.

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