Season 4 Episode Guide

073 – “Welcome To Korea” (4×01)
September 12th, 1975

Hawkeye returns to the 4077th, finds Trapper gone, and drives off to try and catch him to say goodbye, instead he meets B.J. Hunnicut, who is the 4077th’s new surgeon. Meanwhile, Frank is enjoying really being in charge, for real.

NOTE: Originally aired as a one-hour show; split into two parts for syndication.

074 – “Change of Command” (4×02)
September 19th, 1975

Colonel Sherman T. Potter arrives at the 4077th to take charge, ruining Frank and Margaret’s dreams. Hawkeye and B.J. are at first apprehensive when they find out Potter is regular army, but the Colonel turns out to be a pretty okay guy.

075 – “It Happened One Night” (4×03)
September 26th, 1975

Another full episode, this one involves the temperature at the 4077th being near freezing, one of the doctors’ patients taking a turn for the worse, Frank obsessively tearing Margaret’s tent apart in search of love letters he wrote to her, as well as the camp getting shelled.

076 – “The Late Captain Pierce” (4×04)
October 3rd, 1975

Hawkeye has quite a time to get the army to admit that he really isn’t dead, after he is informed that he is. His father has been informed that his only son has passed on, and everything Hawkeye does to try and tell his father he’s still alive doesn’t work.

077 – “Hey, Doc” (4×05)
October 10th, 1975

Hawkeye, B.J., and Radar work to get a tank from the Army so snipers will leave the 4077th alone. In order to do so, they give one officer penicillin. In order to get two bottles of vintage Scotch (that later end up getting destroyed) they perform surgery on an officer, and then keep it under wraps.

078 – “The Bus” (4×06)
October 17th, 1975

After their bus breaks down in the middle of nowhere, Hawkeye, Radar, Frank, B.J., and others are saved by a North Korean who decides to surrender to them. Fortunately he’s able to repair the bus.

079 – “Dear Mildred” (4×07)
October 26th, 1975

Potter receives a horse from Radar and a carved wooden sculpture of his head from Frank and Margaret for his anniversary, while he sporadically writes home to his wife.

080 – “The Kids” (4×08)
October 31st, 1975

After their orphanage is destroyed in a shelling, the members of the 4077th invites the orphans to stay with them for a bit, while at the same time they’re forced to keep up with their regular job: operating on wounded soldiers.

081 – “Quo Vadis, Captain Chandler?” (4×09)
November 7th, 1975

Both Colonel Flagg and Sidney Freedman drop by the 4077th, but this isn’t a strictly social visit. Both Flagg and Freedman are trying to get custody of one of the 4077th’s patients. Why? He thinks he’s Jesus Christ.

082 – “Dear Peggy” (4×10)
November 11th, 1975

Father Mulcahy gets anxious when a higher up chaplain comes for a visit, Frank makes one of his all-to-frequent mistakes, and Klinger tries to escape…again. All these things and more go into B.J.’s letter to his wife.

083 – “Of Moose and Men” (4×11)
November 21st, 1975

Frank’s paranoid streak gets the best of him, and he spends his time looking for North Korean spies, while B.J. consoles an emotional soldier who received a “Dear John” letter from back home, and Hawkeye goes up against yes another colonel.

084 – “Soldier of the Month” (4×12)
November 28th, 1975

While under the influence of a very high fever, Frank believes he is going to pass away, so he writes a will, in which he gives his money to his wife back in the US, and his clothing to Margaret.

085 – “The Gun” (4×13)
December 2nd, 1975

After Frank “borrows” Colonel Chaffey’s antique pistol, and the blame falls to Radar, whom Chaffey wants him in the stockade, it’s up to Hawkeye and B.J. to prove Radar’s innocence.

086 – “Mail Call Again” (4×14)
December 9th, 1975

The second such-named episode, this one involves two letters, basically. The first is to Colonel Potter, informing him that he will soon be a grandfather. The second is to Frank, informing him that his wife is planning on divorcing him.

087 – “The Price of Tomato Juice” (4×15)
December 16th, 1975

Radar, along with Hawkeye and B.J., go to great lengths to acquire tomato juice for Colonel Potter after the Mess Tent serves him a glass from the one can they had. Surprisingly, it’s not such a simple thing to get tomato juice in Korea.

088 – “Dear Ma” (4×16)
December 23rd, 1975

The 4077th’s feet are inspected by Hawkeye, Colonel Potter gets a backside full of shrapnel, and much more all go into a letter Radar writes to his mother back in Iowa.

089 – “Der Tag” (4×17)
January 6th, 1976

The entire camp starts being friendly to Frank, after Colonel Potter suggests he’d be easier to get along with if everyone was nicer to him.

090 – “Hawkeye” (4×18)
January 13th, 1976

After he’s in a jeep accident, Hawkeye forces himself to chatter incessantly to a South Korean family, none of whom speak English, to keep himself awake so that he won’t succumb to his concussion.

091 – “Some 38th Parallels” (4×19)
January 20th, 1976

A truly original episode which has Frank deciding to sell of the camp’s garbage to whomever will pay for it. Hawkeye and B.J., however, with the help of a chopper, come up with a better way to get rid of it, namely dumping it onto a Colonel’s jeep…with the Colonel in it.

092 – “The Novocaine Mutiny” (4×20)
January 27th, 1976

Frank decides to throw the book at Hawkeye, and brings him up on charges for mutiny, for infractions of the rules that occurred when Frank was acting C.O., and Colonel Potter was off on R&R.

093 – “Smilin’ Jack” (4×21)
February 3rd, 1976

Jack Mitchell, a chopper pilot with diabetes, doesn’t want to be grounded, he wishes to continue bringing back wounded soldiers, mostly so he will have the honor of bringing the most causalities back to the hospitals, seeing as he is in a race with another pilot. Meanwhile, a wounded soldier who was wounded before and is back at the 4077th wishes to leave the Army, any way he can.

094 – “The More I See You” (4×22)
February 10th, 1976

A woman Hawkeye lived with for a while and almost married shows up at the 4077th, bringing with her a flood of emotions that Hawkeye thought he’d gotten rid of.

095 – “Deluge” (4×23)
February 17th, 1976

One thing follows another…after a deluge of wounded suddenly show up at the 4077th, then they’re stricken with a fire and a storm.

096 – “The Interview” (4×24)
February 24th, 1976

Clete Roberts, a stateside reporter, comes to the 4077th to interview the doctors and other personal who are separated from their families and far away from home.

NOTE: This episode aired in black and white.

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