M*A*S*H Back on TV Land Tomorrow


TV Land has decided to bring back M*A*S*H early. As I reported last week, the cable channel announced plans to start airing M*A*S*H again on February 20th. Instead, TV Land will air a marathon tomorrow from 9AM to 6PM ET. The marathon will feature 17 episodes from Season 1. For some reason, TV Land is skipping “Tuttle,” “Sometimes You Hear the Bullet,” and “The Longjohn Flap.”

Curiously, “M*A*S*H — The Pilot” is scheduled to run from 9AM to 9:36AM. Does that mean the episode will air uncut or is TV Land just looking for a way to fit in more commercials? If the long running time is accurate, it will push back the start of the next four episodes. To get back on track, “The Moose” will supposedly run from 11:24AM to 12PM. That leaves no time for commercials.

You can find the TV Land schedule here.

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  1. What’s funny is that the 3 they are skipping are some of my favorite season 1 episodes. I wonder why they chose to skip those particular episodes…

    1. I, too, love the Tuttle and Bullet episodes, and Longjohn has some laughs of its own. Who knows what goes on in the minds of the TV powers that be.

    2. I’m Michael Phipps i just wanted to say I wish Mash would quit takin the place of every other Tv land shows urs truly Michael Phipps

  2. I wonder if TV LAND is trying to increase viewership by bringing back MASH? If they are they’ll have to do A HELL OF A LOT more than that!!!

    1. Totally agree, Joe! Due to the nasty/stupid commercials (“Teachers” immediately comes to mind), I still probably won’t watch MASH on TV Land. That channel has gone down the drain, IMO.

  3. As I said previously, I’ve boycotted TV Land years ago when it became clear they no longer had any interest in preserving TV classics, and instead only wanted to concern themselves with making money off their trashy original sitcoms that all star has-been actors.

    As for the runtime, no, TV Land doesn’t run shows uncut, they just have longer commercial breaks than most.

  4. The commercials shown during TV Land programming, whether it’s day or night, are so many and so frequent, that it hardly feels as if you’re watching a show. You’re putting up with/flipping the channel back and forth during so many commercials that it seems like instead you’re watching the ads, with a little bit of programming dashed in here and there.

    Factor in the already mentioned totally offensive commercials for the even more offensive “original programs” which I won’t even name because they don’t deserve to be named, and I’m seriously thinking I’m going to save up to buy the whole series on disc, which includes the option to turn off the laugh track, if I’m informed properly.

    TV Land did resume its marathon this morning at nine o’clock am Eastern time with the episodes “Tuttle,” “Sometimes You Hear the Bullet,” and “The Longjohn Flap,” all three in a row, then followed them up with episodes from season two. I know we had commented about their leaving those episodes out last week when they re-debuted the series.

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